New Love... How To Make It Work.

 New Love...

And I know You say and ask that because deep down in your heart You are a Romantic and a passionate lover of love. Also for you, Love is the fundamental ingredient that must be included into all areas of life. And without love in your life, you would rather give up the Holy Ghost inside you, and return to nothingness. And so love for you is a constant breath of fresh air, and you must find a way to keep the flames burning, whether it is your old love you want to renew, or whether it is a brand new love and you want it to be a great success. Because No Matter What, You must have love, you must feel love, you need to breathe in love, you have to have your fill of love, and you must have love around you constantly like a body part. So How Do You Make It Work?

One Thing You Must Do To Have New Love: Give Like You've Never Given Before.
And I know you're probably a little lost right now about what I am saying, because you have always given love away each and every time, as well, you have given all that you can give it. And that is great, but what I am talking about is to give that Lover of yours, something you have never given away before, do something for that Lover that you have never done before, share something with that Lover that would take a million years for you to open up about. Why?

Because if you are not a virgin when your Lover came into your life, then no matter how much you kiss that person, or make love to them, or cook for them, or help them, or protect them, or cherish them... In that person's mind and heart, he or she knows that You have done this for others before, because they are not your first. So this is where: Give Like You've Never Given Before, comes in. Because as The Creator Of Love in your heart and in your life, you are never poor in what you can do for love, and in love. Just like God is the Creator of the Universe, and that Universe is forever growing and not shrinking. And always creating new Stars, new Black Holes, new Planets...

And so it must be for You Beloved, if you want New Love and Make It Work. You must make that other person feel truly special, by doing something with them You have never done before, and share that with them in a gentle way, not rude or yelling - but Just show that Lover, that even though You are not a virgin anymore, and that others have had your body, your mind and your heart... That there is still room as The Creator Of Love, for You to create something new and exciting in love. 

So for New Love, again, Give What You've Never Given Before... By doing something great that you have never done before, by sacrificing something you have never sacrificed before, by sharing something with that person that you have never shared before, by sending something you have never sent before, by making love in a new way that you have never made love before, by helping in a way that you have never helped before. And then Just Share With That Lover, That You Have Never Done This Before, and not lie like many do, because that person will feel your Spirit, your body and your actions that You have really never done that before. And then, You will have New Love, And You will make it work... Because that Lover will fall in love with You, and will feel so special in a perfect way, that he or she will return the favor, and also have The Greatest Respect For You... Your Love Advocate, James Dazouloute

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 New Love...

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