I Pretend I don't Need Love... A Needy Poem.

By James Dazouloute --- I Pretend... A Love Poem  to tell you that I am madly in love with you, but I act as though I do not need your heart and your precious sentiments. 
I Pretend I don-t Need Love... A Needy Poem.

You my love are so perfect for me, that I pretend I am not needy of your time or of the emphasis that you place on sharing your everything with me.

I live with the pretense that  my career is so demanding, and that right now it is not the right time for a love relationship. But it is because I fear falling head over hills for you my sweet love.

I am here, I am there. I am just floating pretending that I have my heart under control and I am living my great life. But it is you that I wish for, it is your arms that I crave to hold me, and it is the twinkle in your eyes that I am anxious to be.

I wait to be rescued, I cry out to be loved, I am anxious to hold hands in love, I live for caresses that only 2 opposites can give to one another. And yet I pretend to be self - sufficient.   
I Pretend I don't Need Love... A Needy Poem.

I am living a lie, I am living an illusion of romance, and I am going crazy for your companionship. But the spirit of pretense has me caged in her prison, and when she is done with me, then the spirit of pride is ready to take over and force me to keep quiet. Please help me my love, please rescue me my spouse to be, and please do not give up on me.

Oh my heart, oh my dreams, oh my deep neediness; why will you all not help me to pronounce my love to the one who was made just for me?. Why will not any one of you just take your independence from my shyness and silliness, and just capture my soul mate?.

I pretend that my love is complete. I pretend that all I need are my toys, and I even pretend that my bed is not cold at night. But all my pretenses are just more proof that you my love are my necessary.

Love is at its best when it is shared, and romance is ignited only when the positive and negative of two hearts are in unison. And I pretend that I know it all, yet the most basic fact of all eludes me: It Takes Two To Love...   

..... Tell Me About Yourself... A Love Poem.  
Tell Me About Yourself... A Love Poem.

Okay! I shout it out and I confess: I - Am - In - Love. I - Need - You. You - Are - My - Everything. I - Can't - Live - Without - You. You - Are - All - I - Have.

I am not pretending anymore, and I am  not  going to be longing for your touch anymore. And I am not going to grow old alone anymore. Please love, come and rest in my arms. 

The Platters Help You Pretend By Singing.... The Great Pretender



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  1. Anonymous8:14 AM

    pretense, pretense, pretense, love is all about pretending. What a life!!!! Roxanna

  2. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Pretending is what I do. Pretending at work is all we do. Roberto

  3. Anonymous8:17 AM

    I love the Platters. A classic. Amazing. Pablothegreat


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