How To Be Rich In Love... In Just One Easy Way.

 rich in love...

How To Be Rich In Love... In Just One Easy Way? And you ask that question Beloved, because you are so sick and tired of all the confusion out there about love and relationships. Also you are fed up with all the so called Love Experts, who are out there selling books, but not one has been able to help you with your love life, which is getting worst day by day. And then there are your friends who are so full of it, and always thinking they know what is best for you, and yet their own lives are extremely chaotic. And so today, you just want to know: How To Be Rich In Love... In Just One Easy Way? And no more, no less than that.

Well Beloved Here IT Is: To Be Rich In Love, Stop Looking For Faults, Instead Look For Qualities In Your Lover.

And I can't tell you how many times you have thrown a wrench with your smoothly going plans, whenever you start to nitpick at your lover, by looking for what they do wrong, and even worst, by going back in the past about how they made you feel, and a mistake they have made... Just so you could justify that you are right, and have to be careful, and not wanting to take any new chances, and not dedicating your heart to them each and every day. And while you may have the upper hand in picking a fight, in looking for their faults (Which are always there, have been and will always be), and being right because they are truly wrong, I can tell you that you are actually hurting yourself more than you are hurting them. Because they already know they have those faults, as well have been living with them for many years, and you attacking those areas will only leave you very poor in love, by discouraging that person.

And you have heard of the expression: You Catch More Bees With Honey Than With Vinegar. 
Well God, is the Originator and the Demonstrator of this expression. Because He shows you every single day, that He sends the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Rain, the Oxygen... to the righteous and wicked alike. And even to His chosen people The Jews, who have betrayed Him and who continue to do so daily, He still makes their way prosperous, and He still blesses them no matter what. And do you know why? That is simply because God is rich in love, and He loves Me, You and Them into shame. And that is why sooner than later, we all will come to the point where we are just overridden with guilt and shame, knowing all that we have done wrong, and still being blessed, then we will all kneel one day and confess to God, then give our lives and full love back to Him. And So It Must Be With Your Love Life, If You Really Want To Know How To Be Rich In Love.

Because by you looking for qualities instead of faults, you will first, catch that lover of yours off guard. 
Because he or she knows they are wrong, and so by you complementing them, and loving them with all your might, they will always be left in a state of shock, even if they try to hide it at first. And at the same time, the more love you send out as seeds in the universe and into their heart, then the richer you are becoming more and more every single hour of the day. Because, Love Is Infinite, and the more kind words you speak, the more love will come to you. The more encouragement you give to your lover, the more appreciation and admiration he or she will give to you. The more you complement their efforts and point out their great little qualities, the more of your slave he or she will become, by being so dependent on you and your care. The more you give him or her love, instead of hate - anger - and resentment, then the more you are driving him or her to shame, self-resentment, and suicidal confusion. And you see this all the time when A lover is rich in love like this, and has loved someone in the ways I am describing to you, that even after the love relationship is over, then the one who was wrong, will spend a lifetime looking to recapture that lover, and will never cease to talk about just how great that lover was to them, and that they will never again find someone like that again. Now tell me Beloved, who is truly rich in love?

How To Be Rich In Love... In Just One Easy Way?. So there you have it Beloved, starting today, begin to look for the small qualities in your lover, rather than always pointing out their faults. And by doing that, you will be encouraging him or her to do better, you will be encouraging that person to start doing right, because he or she now knows that you are in their corner and truly love them unconditionally. And with that, you will be amazed as to just how quickly someone changes their behavior, and Begin to step into their greatness. And then, your love life will be the richer for it.... Your Relationship Coach, James Dazouloute

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