Anything For Love... Anything For You. A Poem

By James Dazouloute --- Anything For You My Wonderful Love, anytime and anywhere that you need for me to make you feel special, anyhow that you have to have me, and in any capacity that you need for me to be your everything, for
Anything For Love... Anything For You. A Poem

 that is my life-long duty. Yes my sweetheart, I want to do anything for love, I want to explore every inch of your love, and I need to have your love all directed toward me.

So anything for love, because I am so needy of your compassion. Any little thing to make our love grow, since I am nothing without you next to me and deeply buried deep inside my heart for always. And anything you really need you can ask of me, for I am always ready to love you, to demonstrate the love in my heart, and to also allow my heart to sing our unforgettable tune.

Oh Love, why do you make me give so much! Oh passion, why do you drive me to become the most wonderful lover of all time to my love! Oh need, how you turn me into an addict for the love of my life! Oh orgasm, you make me so - so weak every time that my Baby makes me reach you! And because of all of you, I am willing to do anything for love.  

....  Take Me To Heaven, A Romantic Love Making Poem.
Take Me To Heaven, A Romantic Love Making Poem.

Yes I am willing to give my all to you Baby, I am willing to do anything for you that will help you to feel perfect love that was made just for you, and I stand ready to go to any length to adore your true love every single day. For you are my everything, you sweetheart - are my emotions and my purpose to stay on this earth and live. So please give me more tasks to do for your heart, give me more meaning into my life, give me your virgin heart so I could show you that I can be trusted to be the best gardener to tend to your love. And give me all of you for life, so I can know that I have a partner and best friend for ever.

Yes I want anything and everything for love, yes I need all things to be in love, yes I must experience every inch of your heart and of your body to claim that I am in love, because I am nothing without you. So please my sweet love, come to me, stay with me, give to me, caress with me, share with me, make love with me, be secured in me and dream with me... For I am doing anything for love and everything for you... Your Love.

Meatloaf helps make my point for YOU by singing: Anything For Love....

Anything For Love... Anything For You. A Poem


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  1. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Anything for Love? Anything for money? Anything to survive? Hmmmmmm. H. Roberts

  2. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Say what you want, but at some point we all do anything for love.

  3. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Get love, give love, do anything for love. This is crazy! Roberta


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