Why You Need To Be Romantic Family To Make It In Love Today.

A Romantic Family Is a must if you are expecting to make it in this terrible world. Because there is so much going on, there is so much trouble, there is so much heartache, there is so much mistrust, there is so much misunderstanding, there is so much lust, there is so much temptation... That a Romantic Family will have a horrible time trying to make it, trying to maintain their love, trying to keep love alive, trying to be sweet to one another, trying to be a great and perfect family glorifying love.

ROMANTIC FAMILY... Is what you have to be to make it, it is what you must strive for to stay all of your life, and it is your duty to stay a Romantic Family. Yes Beloved, you must kiss each other every day of your life. Yes, you must find your passion at every moment. You must make love in every way and in every little romantic corner and moment you can create. You must be the perfect lover even on your worst day, and all you have to do is just say: I Love You my Sweetheart, I Need You my amazing Love, I just don't ever want to live without You...

And So Be A ROMANTIC FAMILY.. And of course you can be always, and there will be no need for the ugly word: Divorce. Never does that ugly word and action need to stick its ugly head out of the abyss and try to consume you. Because all you have to do is remember your vow, yes the great vow you took when you looked into that person's eyes and said: I Love You With A Love That Is Everlasting. I Love You Forever My Baby. And so start today, and so live the life that is yours, live all the amazing moments that are yours in love. Because you two make up a Romantic Family, you two are the two main rocks that make two thirds the foundation of love, and God is the Third and main rock to complete and perfect that circle of love. Yes Love Is Yours, So Take It Romantic Family! Your Romance Advocate, James Dazouloute

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