Why You Need Love So Bad In Your Life.

I Need Love, is something that you say to yourself all the time, and you're not needy just because you're saying that. Since you were made for love, you were created to walk and live in pairs, and you have a heart filled with great emotions so that you can love. And so as you can see, it is only natural for you to need love, but the problem is you can't seem to find it, because love is so elusive, and every time you think you have found it, it turns out not to be the kind of true love that you are looking. And maybe the problem is with you, maybe you do not know what you are looking for, maybe you have a lot of baggage and other issues that are keeping you from finding and dealing with true love. Or maybe the people whom you are attracting, are just a mirror of you, for the Universe will bring you what you desire the most, You. Because you have learned to love yourself, and don't care to really change all your habits, and so the Universe is only bringing you exactly you.

And the irony of it is that, no matter how many times you have tried and failed at Love, you still refuse to give up, and this will continue on for the rest of your life. And at times, the love in your heart will be dormant for years, but never dead, only the grand flames will be lowered. And other times, you will we burning up with great heat from the flames of Love, you will be roaring to once again capture Love and tame it to do all your bidding. And you will still be wishing for, and wanting the right person in your life, to help you, to walk with you, to talk with you, to protect you and your interests, to  laugh with you, to guide you and to love you with all their heart – mind – and soul.


So you need Love to feel alive, you need love  so you can enter into your perfect destiny, you need  Love so you can once again take your place of Honor. All that Love and the Universe want, are to help you to prosper beyond the wildest dreams of your heart and emotions. As well, all that Life wants, is for you to be joined up with your Soul Mate once and for all. And all God wants, is for you to Love another with an inexpressible love between you and your Sweetheart. So as you can see, due to all these great and perfect forces, you have no choice but to say: I Need Love.

Then there are the great things that you want to accomplish, there is the great Legacy of Love Fairy Tale that you wish to build, and there is the lifetime union that your body – mind - and soul must enter into covenant with. And you can never do any of these, without the great love in your life. And so you need Love, and so you need  romance,  and so you need perfection, and so you need your Mate, and so you need your Teddy Bear, and so you need to make love, and so you need to attain Nirvana with your One and Only. Again this is why You Need Love...   Your Romance Advocate, James Dazouloute

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