Why You Must Be Truthful In Your Love Relationship.

What Is Truth, that you hear people put so much emphasis on it? And while some go out of their way to make sure they get at it, there are many others who spend their whole life doing everything in their power to make sure they never tell it. And then there are the In-Between people who tell the truth only when it benefits them, and will not come near it to speak when it may hurt them or anybody else. Also you have even heard people say: Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil... Because of the insinuation that The Devil is the Father of lies, and he will do everything he can to influence you to tell lies and never the truth, but if you tell it then you are putting him to great shame. So truth is very important if you are to become an enlightened Being in the Universe, as it will lead you to all that is hidden from you. But what is Truth exactly?

Truth, simply put is a fact that can not be disputed, nor can it be forced to stay hidden for any period of time. Also it is an event that took place, and sooner than later  all people will be made aware of it.

And when you review History, you will see that there countless numbers of Civilizations who went out their way to tell lies and never the truth, and no matter how long it takes, no matter how many people they have murdered just to keep Truth from being spoken, and even no matter how many writings they have burned, Truth Itself will not submit to them or anyone else for that matter. Also you have read about one kind of people who will go to another people's country and lie, as well deceive them, and will even go on to not tell the truth about the amazing history of these people. And with that, those liars went on to enslave these people under false pretexts for hundreds of years, all the while trying to hold back those great people from being great. But no matter how hard they've tried, Truth is a Master only unto itself and will never be enslaved or bribed. And of course as you guessed it, these people who were enslaved through lies, will become great in everything they touch.

What is truth? Well when it comes to love-relationship, people have spent their entire lifetime learning how to become a Silver tongue. And they place all their energy into becoming best of friends with lies and deceits, as well hide their intentions in not loving their mate, or in not having only that one love teddy bear, or in not revealing to a new love interest that they are married, or in not telling the truth about what amount of resources and financial abundance they really have, or in not speaking truth when they tell their lovemaking partner that they are reaching an orgasm. So as you can see, all these lies and running away from the truth, always end up hurting the other person who they supposedly are madly in love with, and once again Truth will come out and make itself known.

And then there is the Spiritual aspect of it, where The-e-e God of each religion tells you that He or She is  the only God who exists. Or that great religion is the true religion, or that faith is the true one that will go to heaven. So what is Truth? Time is it's best friend and takes great offenses at those who try to subdue truth, manipulate truth, and even bury truth. And once time and truth both had enough, then  all things will come to light and all the facts will be made known. Then you will know for sure, just who the Original God of all is.  

So starting today, begin to speak Truth every chance you get. Why? Because as much as you hate to admit it, you also want the truth to be told to you. Also there is such a thing called: Karma or Kamma... Or the old saying: What Goes Around, Comes Around. Or All That Is Hidden Will Be Brought To Light. So as you can see Truth must be spoken at all times, so why not start today? And that way you will not have anyone to disrespect you, you will not have anyone put hands on you to beat you because you have lied and played with their emotions. Also that way you will not have to be caught in a lie, nor will you lose your self-respect, or have God sends you to Hell. Whichever one you follow... Your Relationship Advocate, James Dazouloute

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