Why It Will A Take A Miracle To Find Another You. A Love Poem.

By James Dazouloute --- A Miracle... Why It Will A Take A Miracle To Find Another You. Since it was a miracle from God that brought You to Me, 
Why It Will A Take A Miracle To Find Another You. A Love Poem.

my sweet innocent love. And I guess it had to be, because I had prayed and even nagged God so much to send me You, because my heart was living in an abyss where void and darkness, as well as being deeply lost and disoriented were my constant companions. And I was so alone, and so out of touch with the rest of Humanity, that God was even surprised that I was fulfilling my purpose and my destiny given to me by Him. So, your Soul was pulled within the Hall Of Souls, and you were given a body that would be perfect in my eyes. And to sugar coat it, God even gave you all the attributes that would be perfect just for me, and only for me. Now That Was A Miracle.

Now I distinctively remember my Beloved, I had just suffered a great loss in my business, it was a rainy day, and I had a flat tire on my car in the parking lot of my business, and I had just finished complaining to my God: Could Life Get Any Worst? Yes, it was then that out of nowhere you appeared, and offered to help me with anything, anything at all. And I was surprised at you, because you were not even driving, nor did you look like you knew anything about cars. And that's what made everything so wonderful, because we became like 2 lost souls exploring, and trying to figure out life and the parts on this car, all the while getting wet in the rain. Yet your smile, your compassion and even your enthusiasm just to help overwhelmed me, and right then and there A Miracle had taken place, and I knew that I had found my Soul Mate, my Complement, and my opposite in all that I need.

Why It Will A Take A Miracle To Find Another You. A Love Poem.

And I guess that it is sadly ironic, that the way You were sent to me by God, was the same way He completed the cycle by allowing You to be gone from me, and return to Heaven. For it was by a car that your life and your love were taken away from me , on a same kind of rainy night. Oh Me! Oh God! Whatever Will I Do Now That My Miracle Is Gone? Because for each man, there is only that one woman who was perfectly designed just for him. And for Her as well. Just like it was for Adam and Eve, and for Romeo and Juliet.

A Miracle... Why It Will A Take A Miracle To Find Another You? Well for me it's because, first of all: You Had The Kindest Heart.
And I know that many have said this in their love relationship, but for me I have the pictures, the videos, the souvenirs and even the memories to prove that you had the kindest heart, and that You were also A Miracle from God. For no matter what Evil had befallen me, and I would try to take it out on you; Never - Did you get mad, or would even allow me to live within such despair. All because you always took the time to Learn Me and all my sweet soft spots. And for each occasion, you knew exactly what I would need at that particular moment, whether it was just a gentle hug, or my favorite meal, or the perfect massage, or just the right type of love making, or even just to sit there and be quiet while sitting on my lap. You had the kindest heart, and this is one reason why it will take A Miracle to find another You.

Why It Will A Take A Miracle To Find Another You. A Love Poem.

Another reason why I make that statement in remembering You: You Gave Love And Made Love To Me, Even When Your Condition Would Flare Up Badly.
And my love, I have always recognized that this kind of Devotion is Spiritual and not Human. Because as Humans, when we don't feel so good, or when we have a hereditary condition that is flaring up and hurting us like having a Bad Heart, and Very Advanced Arthritis in our bones, then everything hurt. And for you to have constantly ignored pain and the risk of breaking something, just to show me your sweet love and devotion, then I always knew that this kind of love was from God, to me. As A Miracle...

So, A Miracle... Why It Will A Take A Miracle To Find Another You? Because You Gave Me Even What You Didn't Have. 
Yes My Love, I remember that you gave me time that you knew you didn't have any more of. Because only you knew the pain you were suffering from, and the short time you had left, and that car accident even made it shorter. But you refused to let a day go by and not make me a Priority, and not make what was troubling me your whole world. And then there were the times when we didn't have enough to eat, but due to your immense love, you made sure I ate and made up some excuses for yourself. 

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Also, the many times when you needed a hug, or needed for me to smile at you, even then you gave the smile that you didn't have, or the hug that you didn't have within you. And on top, you would even add all the attention to details for my well-being to make sure that when I would step outside our door, I would represent you in the way I looked, the way I dressed, and even the kind of mood I would be in. Oh My Lord, how can I ever find another one like you? How can I even have have The Audacity to look at another? Well Not Me... The Aquarius and The Marine in me, as well as The Dutiful - Loyal Servant Of God in me, will never allow me to... For It Would Also Take A Miracle To Dishonor You.  A Miracle Seeker...

IT'S GOING TO TAKE A MIRACLE... Sung By Denise William

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    When you lose your best love, it's going to take a miracle to find another.


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