Why Do You Get So Depressed When Love Fails You.

Depression... Why Do You Get So Depressed When Love Fails You? And I ask You this Beloved, because Your heart is breaking right now and no one seems to truly understand just what you are going through inside your mind, inside your heart, inside your veins, and even inside every fiber of your being. All because Love was supposed to be yours for as long as you wanted her to be around, and your heart was supposed to be made happy by Love since she is only here to serve You. But the problem Beloved, is really not Love Herself, but Your Partner who was supposed to be living In Love with you. For Love has been with you ever since you were born and has never left your sides, because you used her to love your parents, your brothers and your entire family. Then later on, you used Love to have crushes on that beautiful little person when you were in the 6th. Grade. Afterward, in your teenage years, you again called upon Love to help you to give your heart away to that first boyfriend or girlfriend of yours. And then ever since that time, you have been using Love to give away all your emotions, all your feelings, all your sentiments to one and all, whom you have deemed worthy. So now, again I ask You: Depression... Why Do You Get So Depressed When Love Fails You?

Is it because when you were pimping Love, you created a fantasy world in your own head, but you never really took the time to share that world with your Lover. Or maybe you didn't care to communicate to your Love Teddy Bear, that you had a fantasy world where Perfect Love exists, and only You can go there 24/7. Or even worst, maybe you never did make sure that your Sweetheart was able to read the same page of Love that you were reading and understood, and he or she probably did not even know that you had a Book Of Love to even begin with. Because Great Leaders Do Not Hope They Are Understood, They Ensure That Their Message Is Transparent... And so now the evil Mr. Depression has gotten a hold of you, and is having his way with you, your heart, your mind, your tears, your appetite, your joy, your greatness, and even your money.

Another reason why You suffer from such major Depression is because: You Thought You Could Control Love.
Yes Love gave herself to you to do as you please, but She is a Two-Timer, because she also gave herself away to Your Sweetheart to do as He or She pleases. And so the same way you can change your mind about A Lover, the same way he or she could. The same way you can take Love away from that person, the same way he or she could. The same way you can make new friends and little-by-little begin to order Love to go toward them... Well the same way... Because What's Good For The Goose, Is Also Good For The Gander. And now that you have been caught off guard that your Sweetheart's Love is gone from you, now you are a wreck. Now you are emotional, now Depression is just abusing you in all sorts of demoralizing fashion. And really, Only You Can Be Blamed... 

Because You Did Not Mind Your Business.
Meaning, You did not treat Your Love Relationship like a true Business or a Great Job. For in either of those 2 positions, you would never just go to work one day a week, because you would either get fired or lose your business. You would never just leave your Boss hanging for 3 months without ever seeing you, or doing some kind of work, and then expect for your Job to still be there. Nor would you ever leave your Business in the hands of another person for 6 months, and never come in to check the books, because then you will be robbed blind.. -

--- But You Seem to think that it was Okay to not see Your Baby everyday, it was okay to have a long distance relationship where you were living on love inside your own head. Or it was okay to act like you don't care every time your Love Teddy Bear did anything nice to reach out to you. Or you thought that if you made love to him or her once a year, and that should be enough. Or you thought if You planted The Seeds Of Love in their heart, that your job was done and Love would grow at an alarming rate, without your rain, sunshine, pruning and cultivating... WOW! You Really Are Mental....

By Now I Do Hope that you are beginning to see why you suffer from Major Depression when Love has Failed You. And please don't tell me that it was Your Beautiful Sweetheart who was in the wrong for leaving you, because You Are Always In Control Of Life And Love, Meaning, if you work hard and focus all your attention and energy on the outcome you want in life, then The Universe will always bring you a way to be successful. And so I am advising You Beloved, to re-double your efforts In Love and With Love. Meaning, Learn that you always have to be mindful of your business of Love. And know that Your Lover always needs you like The Earth Needs The Sun for 12 hours each day and The Moon at nighttime. 

Yes Your Sweetheart needs your presence constantly, because I have never seen people cheat or lose interest when their Lover is constantly working at the relationship, always offering their presence - their love - their kisses - their sentiments - their passion - their gifts - and their all and all. All because Success In Love and with Love, requires more of your time and presence than does your job, your business, your hair, your car or anything else for that matter. So Stop It... Grab Love By The Hand And Tell Her: Let's Go Again... And Stop Depression Dead In His Track... Your Happiness Expert, James Dazouloute

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