Why Dating Is So Important For Lasting Love.

Dating... is so badly needed, since lately your relationship has taken a turn for the worst, and you can't seem to figure out just how to be in love again, just how to recapture love again, and even how to stay madly in love with Your One Of A Kind Sweetheart. So Dating once again is the key, Dating once more - is the fundamental ingredient that will have your heart excited, and Dating like you and your love used to - will have you wanting to make love once more, will have you wanting to buy a gift for that great gift of a person whom God sent to you. And so the Universe that is filled with Love, wants to show you how to date whether you are in a regular relationship, whether you have been married for years, and whether you now have kids who take up all your time. 

Dating is the sugar needed for your desert of love, Dating your boyfriend - your girlfriend - your husband - your wife... is the key to your door of Forever Love that will remain closed, unless you open it. And Dating is your best friend and your benefactor if you choose to embrace this Entity for life. And of course you must not act as if Dating is so - so bad for you, because this is how you two met, this is how you two fell in love, this is how you two ended up having babies and this is how you two will be staying forever linked as Companions of Life. And so you must follow the example of even the God of each Religion who are all hungry for Relationship and Dating - by having their servants pray and go to places.

And so you must go out on dates with your Love Teddy Bear at least once a week. Because a love relationship or marriage needs constant nurturing, constant attention, constant caress, constant creation of Souvenirs, constant building up of memories, and constant devotion from you two. So starting today Beloved, I implore You to start dating once more, not as a promiscuous person looking for empty lustful encounters, but a truly dedicated lover who only runs after Perfect Love, Wonderful Relationship and Blissful Love Making For Life. Your Romance Advocate, James Dazouloute

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  1. Anonymous10:37 AM

    we all must take our sweetheart out on a date

  2. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Dating must be continuous and for life