Who Do You Remind Me Of... And Is This Why I Am With You.

Who Do You Remind Me Of... Is This Why I Am With You?. Yes dear friend, sometimes you have to wonder this, about yourself and about your mate. Because a long time ago, Us Psychologists and Philosophers, have long determined that: As adults we will date or marry the resemblance of a person who has been good to us, or we will date or marry the exact opposite of a person who has been bad to us.

And I know that instantly, you may or may not agree with this, but let me share. For example young women, if they had a father or father - figure who was absolutely wonderful to them. In that, this father always made them feel safe, protected, cared for. As well if this father was a great counselor to them, a great leader and a great provider; then during adulthood they will subconsciously gravitate to and look for men who have these similar qualities. And they will usually spend their entire life through trial and error, looking for this man repeatedly.

And for men, if they had a Mother who was extremely nurturing, a great cook, a great hugger, a great counselor, a great cleaner and an absolutely devout positive support system. Well these men will also subconsciously spend their entire life, looking for their mother in the women they meet. And they will usually compare the women to their mother. For this is the bar and the requirements that have to be met, in order for them to ask the women to marry them.

And in reverse, if their mother or father was abusive toward them, or was an alcoholic, or was a drug - addict, or was a molester, or was an extreme punisher. Then these men and women will as well subconsciously move away and even run away from any men or women that have any slight resemblance of that father or of that mother. And they will try their hardest to end up marrying the extreme opposite at all costs.

Who Do You Remind Me Of... Is This Why I Am With You?. Now I will share with you about relationships, and research has shown that Men and Women too take the same route with love. For example if a woman had a lover who was just absolutely wonderful, kind, loving, interesting, compassionate, a protector, a teacher, a best - friend etc. And for some reason that great relationship ended because of the Military, or career demands, or death or any other reasons that caused that woman to have experienced loss. Then subconsciously as well, this woman will usually end up dating or gravitate to men that have these same attributes. All because these men will remind her of that special someone, even though she may not realize this at all. For it has been said: That there is only one true love for each one of us, only one perfect soul mate. And you see this with women when their men are in Jail, or died or... 

And it is the same for men as well. Because the brain only knows two routes to take: Either run toward feel good emotions, or run as far away as possible from painful memories. Also it is the same in reverse when someone has been cheated on, or beaten, or abused, or abandoned, or done a great wrong in any kind of way.

And so I do hope that by now I have given you enough to ponder on, and to have you " Share with me your comments below " after you have searched your soul subconsciously, and begin to see why you do some of the things you do in love relationships.

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Because Great Love is like a powerful drug, and once you have gotten your first true hit and perfect feel, then you spend the rest of your life looking for that very first hit, trying to once again recapture that very same feeling. And when you had a great experience as a child with parents, then the old saying will always hold true: Women will marry their Dad, and Men will marry their Mother. Your Relationship Reminder,  James Dazouloute


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