What Is Sex That You Are So Bent On Having So Much.

What Is Sex... And nowadays due to your way of living, you might as well ask What Is Life? Since sex has become the equivalent of life, because everything you do seem to have the ultimate end-goal of sex. I mean, you buy a great outfit in the hopes of feeling sexy and attracting the right person to your liking, and illicit a complement, which will lead to a possible sexual encounter. Or you buy a very nice car, in the hopes that you will be noticed and you will make contact, which will lead to a possible sexual encounter. Or you try your hardest to become popular, in the hopes that you could have anyone you want at your bed side. Or.. Or.. I could go on and on in order to show you that everything you do is because of your EGO that has attached itself to your sexual lust. And now ever since you have reached puberty, it has had a hold on you and kept pulling you in every direction that leads toward having great sex.

And here is an ironic thing...
There are times when you end up having sex with people you don't even like or care to copulate with. Why is that?. Your ego, that's what that is. Yes dear friend, your ego/pride is telling you that you have just picked-up this girl at this bar, and you bought her some drinks, and she seems to like you and seems to be connecting with you. And so you have to lay with her, you have to have sex with her. Or else she may think that you are not a real man. Another One: This great guy has just finished helping you out, and he is very cute and you have been alone for so long. As well he is making you laugh and are showing you some great interests. So now you feel compelled to lay in bed, you feel compelled to have sex, and compelled to have something going.

So you see sex is controlling you.
And you have so many strings that are pulling and tugging on you, such as: lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, lust of flirting, lust of passion, lust of kissing, lust of showing off, lust of being admired. And I hate to tell you this, and you will not agree with me, but the only reason God gave you sexual organs, just like the animals, was to reproduce. Remember the command Be Fruitful And Multiply? And when you see the animals, do they have sex every hour and every day?. Or looking for a new sex partner every week?. No what you see is that the majority of them come together twice a year to reproduce. And afterward they each go their own way. And human beings are the only species who turned their sexual organs into a way of life, into a must, to have sex daily.

And just look around you with me,
You will see that most people get a tattoo so they can show it off as part of their body. Most people get body piercing, so they can show it off as part of their body. Most people who buy sexy underwear is so they can show it off in a sexual way. Most people get the sexiest and the tightest outfit they can find, so they could show it off as part of their body in a sexual way. Most people go to Nightclubs so they can have sex with a new partner weekly or nightly. Most people even go to Church, so they can pick-up a new mate for sexual explorations, under the pretense of worshiping God. Most people get a job so they could gain the power to attract new mates for sexual enjoyment. Most people.... Most people.... Only live for their sexual needs.

Mankind was created to have Communion with God,

in other words to be His Best Friend, The Gardner. And you have moved away completely from the main reason why you were created, and have taken your sexual organs to Be Your God. Since everything you do is to satisfy your sexual needs daily. STOP ALL THAT... Your Relationship Advocate, James Dazouloute

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