What Is Lust... And How Much Has It Cost You In Love Relationships.

By James Dazouloute -- What Is Lust... But first you must understand who you are and what drive you toward this thing called Lust. And to begin with, when you were created by God, you were given a Mandate: 
What Is Lust... And How Much Has It Cost You In Love Relationships.

To procreate, be fruitful and multiply. And your sexual organs were given to you to eject waste fluids from your body, and then to be used to copulate. And afterward bring in new life in being fruitful and multiplying with your soul mate.

But somewhere along the way, we have forgotten this original order given to us by God, Our Creator, and we have turned Sexual Lust into our own God and our own Creator. Meaning, everyday that we get out of bed, we have a culture that is encouraging us to look for sex any and everywhere. And: To Be Sexy, is the only real identity. To Seduce, is the only objective. To Have Casual Sex, is the daily food and nutrient. To Make Babies With Every Person, is the bottom line on how to get a check. And To Have Multiple Sexual Partners, is the Motto of our culture so we can be cool.

What Is Lust... And How Much Has It Cost You In Love Relationships.

And so instead of looking for a partner for life, instead of trying to find true love, and instead of saving what is between our legs for someone special, instead of safeguarding our heart to create unique and everlasting memories, then we just jump from bed to bed and from strangers to strangers. And each time we do that we create a void in our heart and body, that we have to keep on looking for the next fix. All because we were not designed to be so sexual and so lustful.

And so what is lust?. In this case, it is the sexual hunger that you carry deep inside your heart-mind-body at all times, that no matter how much sex you get, you are still hungry for more. And then everything you do from then on, whether: You work, you work-out, you dress up, you go out, you make friends, you join social networks, you read books, you watch movies, you comb your hair, you take vitamins, you drink alcohol etc... They are all to drive you to the ultimate end result, to satisfy your lustful sexual desires.

And then because of this great lust that is out of your original purpose, you end up hurting painfully all those who come into contact with you, and want to have a One on One Love Relationship with you. Because you can not be trusted to be with just one sexual partner, since the lustful void in you has now become your One and All. And this unsatisfying lust has even caused you physical pain, when your previous lovers have found-out that you have betrayed them. And then there is the financial cost in your life, as you go out and make many babies, either as Mother or Father, then you have to spend most of your money on the babies. Because if you don't, then that same Society and Culture that encouraged you to live your sexual life and not care about anything, will quickly pass and enforce Laws to make you give.

Another way that lust cost you so much in your love relationships, is that when you are young and are at your best, which is the best opportunity you have of picking up a Great Mate For Life. You do not, and you only go from bed to bed, or back seat to back seat, or couch to couch, or bathrooms to bathrooms with many sexual partners. And along the way you end up catching many diseases that will forever change your body, since it was not designed for that much sexual activities, and then pass-up all the opportunities of finding True Love. And once you are past your prime, and the pool of Lifetime Companions have been diminished, then you end up settling for less and less. Up until you get to a place and realize just how lonely you are, how each person you are with you are never happy or content, how each time you have sex you feel diminished. All because you have left your Soul Mate Behind.

What Is Lust... And How Much Has It Cost You In Love Relationships.

And so what you have to do is go back to class, go back to the basics, and go back to what works. And it always amazes me how people always claim that NO One or Nothing in life can control them. And yet they are the greatest puppet of Any and Everything they see, hear, think, imagine, experience, and even Anything suggested to them through Culture and through Pressure. But Not You, for you have learned to go against the grain, and you live by the Philosophy: If the majority is doing it then it must be wrong, because people are Sheep. But for you, it is of great joy to have to learn from the higher beings, The Animals. Because they have never moved away from God's Order. If you look at them, you will see that the majority of them, use their sexual organs about twice a year and only for the purpose of procreation in being fruitful and multiplying. But they do not make it their life goals to have sex 3-4 times a day for life. And they do not suffer from Aids, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Clap, Crabs, Herpes, and any other sexual diseases that we humans have created for ourselves. So Learn, Then Master Self. Your Romance Advocate

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  1. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Lust will destroy all of us, lose job, lose career, lose marriage and lose life. Father Joseph

  2. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Be careful, lust will drive you later on to commit suicide when you have nothing. Joanaa


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