What Is Attraction, And How Do I Attract Love To Me

By James Dazouloute --- These 2 questions are one in the same Beloved, because if someone is attracted to you, then you will have found out what attraction is by the way he or she is acting so sweet. 
What Is Attraction, And How Do I Attract Love To Me

And if you know what attraction is, then you will not have to try to get someone to be attracted to you, because you will already know what to do to them. Now you may not agree, but throughout this article you will discover some truths. But first, to the question of What Is Attraction? Well many have said that it is the action or power of evoking interest, pleasure, or liking for someone or something. And that was the scientific part, now I tell you Beloved, that Attraction is that all of a sudden feeling, you get inside your stomach when your heart starts to palpitate, at the first sight of that someone special. And no one can really know why that is, because it could be that you two were meant to be soul mates, or that this person has a type of body that you have always wanted to caress, or it could be some big arms, or a particular skin complexion, or a special smile, or a body shape that you just love... 

And I tell you all this, because of Chemistry. And Chemistry between two people can never be narrowed down, nor fully understood. Because you can be attracted to someone because he or she reminds you of one of your loving parent, since quite often, women will be attracted to someone who is just like their father, if he was loving, protective, kind, a great provider and always made them feel like a princess. Or Men will often be attracted to a woman who is like their mother, if she was loving, nurturing, a good cook, a caretaker, and worried about them constantly. Also, two people can be attracted to each other, because they relate well, or they are both flirtatious, or they are both fun loving, or they share similarities in sexiness, in smarts and in kindness. And that is why I had told you at the beginning that once you have one, you will have the other. But for today I will share with You, 3 sure ways that will get you noticed by the person you want to be attracted to you, and even make them fall for you every time.

What Is Attraction, And How Do I Attract Love To Me

What Is Attraction? First Sure Way To Be Attracted To: Make Them Laugh.
And I do mean, make them laugh in a way that they feel that their stresses are being released, or that their heart has just found a momentary escape. And of course, you shouldn't be acting like a complete clown, or a big idiot, because then you will turn them off. No, make them laugh, by doing something unusual like, you are at a restaurant and the couple at the next table has a big bouquet of beautiful flowers, and you do something to get their attention away, and steal one flower, and then turn around and tell that person you're with, You have no idea what I had to do to get this flower for you, and I will probably be arrested for stealing for love. And because that person was right there and witnessed it, he or she will laugh, because it is a very risky and romantic thing to do, but silly at the same time. So you want them to laugh in a sentimental way, and they will be attracted to you. 

Second Way For Attraction: Be Different.
And you hear Men and Women say this all the time, that this person is different from everyone I know. But different in a great way, and so they are intrigued by you. So be different in how you talk with them, be different in how you send your flowers, be different in the ways you have dinner. Do something that is romantically different, and at the same time make them laugh like I mentioned above. Also, you see this all the time, if a Woman walks into a room and every guy is running after her, but the one guy who is not snubbing her but showing he cares little, yet he still smile and shakes his head. And now he is intriguing her, because he is not doing for her and to her what is expected, and he is sexy and different at the same time.

What Is Attraction, And How Do I Attract Love To Me

What Is Attraction? 3rd. way to get it: Get Them To Open Up About Sentimental Needs, Then Be That.
And it always amazes me when I see Men and Women, being such Meat-heads, in the sense that they think they know each and every person on the Planet, and can just put each one into a box and lock him or her up. And that is so ignorant, because they are ignoring the fact that every person is Unique, although similar in many ways, but still quite like no other. And You see Con Artists or Gigolos master this wisdom, in the way that they never take their Mark for granted. And for them, each one is as different as a snow flake, or a Star in the Heavens. And so they are very good listeners to that person and their needs, and this is how they are able to always get that person to be attracted to them, and fall madly in love, then get taken for everything. Now you can hate what a Con Artist and Gigolo do, but you have to see and realize that they are The Masters at using Attraction for their gain. 

And so if you want someone to be attracted to you, then you better crack the door open, and get them to open up sentimentally. And since Misery loves company, then you may have to start talking about how your heart was broken, and then they will feel for you, afterward open up about their own set of troubles. And once they feel that you understand them, or get them, then it is on. (Even in Politics and the reason President Obama got reelected. It was because the people connected with him, and felt like he knew them, or he got them). And now all you have to do is make them laugh in a sentimental way, then be different from what they are used to... And You Will Know What Attraction Is, And Then Get Someone To Be Attracted To You. And I said Someone, because not every one will be attracted to you no matter what you do, whether you are a man or woman... Learn That. Because Attraction is more than just those 3 things, it is also about Chemistry, about Lust, Needs, Wants, Desires, Fantasies, Romance and Power... 

The Science Of Attraction...

Your Love Advocate 

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  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Attraction is a strong magnet, it pulls you in and make you weak in love.

  2. Anonymous10:06 AM

    I love this, now I understand attraction. thanks

  3. There are some tips that makes easy for every person to attract a women -
    Well Prepared
    Look at her
    Talk to her
    Listen to her
    Be a Dude
    No doubt this helps a lot along with getting some more vashikaran mantra to make more attractive.


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