True Love, Can It Really Be Found.

By James Dazouloute --- Because You have been trying all of your adult life to find it in someone who is destined to be the love of your life, 
True Love, Can It Really Be Found.

and yet so far it has only been Trials and Errors. And so now you are starting to lose Faith in this Love thing, you are starting to just give up on that big dream of being love and being happy, as well you are starting to be non-trusting of anyone who approaches you and begin to tell you that he or she has any romantic feelings for you. All because you have heard all the same lies before, and each time you put your best foot forward to give Love a chance, it always ends the same way... more disappointments, more let-downs, more lies, more lost of interests, more silliness and more games. So now, this is why You are truly beginning to ask if True Love can really be found?

Well, I must tell You Beloved, that True Love can be found, and the surprising thing is, You have found it several times in your life. But the issue was not that the romantic relationship was not True Love, instead it was because of lack of focus on both parts, sometimes on you, and other times on the other party. Because if You can truly reminisce about each time you have fallen deep in love, and just how you felt, then you will remember that in your heart you knew it was True Love. But the problem came along by the way of the future of the love relationship, where situations of life such as: Work, Temptations, Addictions, Lack Of Focus, Depression, Genetic Disposition, Self-Destructive Behaviors, Feeling Misunderstood, Lack Of Communication.... All affected the romantic relationship, and your True Love.

True Love, Can It Really Be Found.

And because you are dealing with Human Beings, including yourself, and since you are all faced with a constant bombardment of discouragement, bombardment of negativity, of lust, of worries, of anxiety, of childhood issues, of being mistake prone... Then the True Love you once felt in your heart, or the other person for that matter, begins to fade away. And not to forget that time not fully spent together, many talks not had, many medical issues stepping in, and long distance issues... among many other issues, all make Love fade away. 

So I hope that You are beginning to see just where True Love went wrong, each and every time, and the bombardments of troubles that always come in between You and your Lover. And that is why Love has eluded you for such a long time, and a few times it has been your fault and you dealing with those issues I have mentioned above. And many times it was your great partner who had his or her own demons, and just could not stay in love with you, and just could not keep on being your True Love. So this is why You have been so miserable, because there are many reasons why your Love has faded away, but You did find True Love many times. And if you were married once or twice, then think back to each of those times, and you will realize that You knew this was True Love. But at the same time, you knew this other person had their own issues and was not perfect, and so did You.

True Love.. Can It Really Be Found? To answer that question fully... Yes. Yes Beloved, anytime you want to find it. And the only way that True Love is going to stay with You the next time, is to begin to realize that you must begin the Next Love Relationship the right ways, as they are the seeds of success or of ultimate failures. And so you must look at your compatibility, you must look at your personal and developmental growth, you must look at the understanding and wisdom of the other person. You must also look your life and theirs, and see how you both have been living, and bringing about changes.  

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And at the very beginning, you two must, must establish clear line of communications with information overload. You must also create a deep mental connection, where you two are reading the same Book Of Life, and Of Love, and are on the same chapter and page. Also be sure to look at the current demands on your life and your Lover's, because those will only grow. And if you two can't handle those heavy schedules, or those big dreams, or big wants, or huge desires that you and the other have.. now, then they will only grow and make the two of You grow apart.. So Find True Love, Because It Is Around The Corner From You, It Is At The Next Party You Attend, It Is Online In Your Social Circle, It Is At The Next Barbecue, True Love Is.. Wherever and whenever You want... Your Love Advocate

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  1. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Yes, i believe true love can be found.

  2. Anonymous9:48 AM

    We all need love, and look for true love.


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