Top Five Things To NEVER DO If You Want To Have Great Love.

How To Have Great Love... Since you are so confused about what it takes to have the right relationship, and it even seems that no matter what you do, your actions are always misunderstood. And if your sweet love would only know your heart, and see that you have an abundance of love that will never be equaled. And you are truly ready to give your all, you are definitely prepared to be the best lover alive, but you just want to know how to have great love and what you can do. Well today I intend to share with you the top 05 things that you should never do if you ever want to have a great love relationship.

First top thing to never do in a love relationship: Do Not Fight In Public.
This is Thee Worst thing that you can do in a love relationship because you are embarrassing yourself and your lover, and then you will always try to outdo each other by finding the worst things to say. And you already know how destructive this is, so you must keep your cool and hold back your tongue at all costs. And when you get home you can always unleash and do what you do. But people do not need to be in your business, and then you are in a show-off contest. ( Relationship Killer )

Second top thing for great love: Stop Putting Your Love Teddy Bear Down.
It has always been said that what you don't want in your life, you must do the exact opposite. Meaning if you are deep in debt, do not spend all your time worrying about the debt, instead start to visualize an abundance of money, visualize opportunities coming your way. And so you must do the same when it comes to your lover, do not waste your time putting him or her down for faults. Instead, tell that person how great and wonderful he or she is in treating you, and in doing little things. And even though at first, you may think this is crazy but soon you will see how the other person, having heard such wonderful complements, is now looking forward to be that great person... You win.

Third thing to never do if you want to have great love: Being Your Natural Self And Overly Comfortable Around Your Sweetheart.
Know this, nobody wants to know The Real You... Ever. So nobody wants to sit next to you and you're passing gas. Or you're scratching yourself in places that should be done in private, and then you think your sweet love is supposed to accept you naturally. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. So you must always go back to the picture that you painted for that person on day one, and hopefully the picture wasn't too too fake.

Fourth never to do thing in love: Stop dressing down to be comfortable all the time. 
Everybody wants to feel and be Sexy at all times, so why not You?. Why must you always look like you are from a Third World Country?. At least those folks from that country have an excuse: They have nothing to wear. But what's yours? So stop killing your love relationship, stop making yourself look like you are the poorest person in the world. Dress up for your lover, and you already know what he or she likes. Remember what I said earlier, nobody wants to know the real you. And you don't either, just remember the last time your sweetheart was doing something they always do, but in your eyes you find it nasty.

Fifth thing to not do if you want to have great love: If You're Overweight, Nobody Wants To See IT.
So stop walking around naked as if you're a Nudist. And even if you do look good, you can very easily take away the mystery out of your sexiness. And stop punishing your love teddy bear with your rolls of fat, or your sagging breasts, or your hairy chest that is all gray. Again, just remember how you were dressed and how sexy you were, so keep giving that great person what he or she is used to.

A Love Relationship does not have to be complicated, all you have to do is remember not to fight in public, not to put down your sweetheart, not to be your natural smelly self, not to dress down all the time and not to show all your fat and imperfections. And then you will be the most wonderful lover of all time by just doing the opposite. Your Great Love Advocate, James Dazouloute

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