Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Sweetheart In Love With You.

By James Dazouloute --- How To Stay In Love, is an important question for you to ask since, when you lose the Love of Your Life you could even do the Unthinkable, by trying to commit suicide. And this is a very dark place to be in, 
Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Sweetheart In Love With You.

 and some people can not help it because before they dropped down in this physical Universe, they had entered into a covenant with another Spirit being to be their soul mate once they meet on Earth. And now, they can not comprehend how it is that the other Lover no longer wants to be with them. But I must tell you Friend, that a lot of times wonderful people who lose their greatest love brought this punishment upon themselves. And today I intend to share with you the top 5 things or ways you can be that will drive your Lover away from you, or get on their last nerves.

First top way for how to stay in love: Never Get Too Comfortable.
The other person whom you're in love with is not your brother or sister, or your mother or father. No Friend, that other person has graciously decided to share his or her precious time with you, along with his or her most beloved gift with you, the Heart. So you must be aware of what you're doing around your Love, such as, do not leave your dirty underwear in plain sights constantly for the other person to see, and then you wonder why they are no longer making love to you or are not attracted to you. Or you constantly have bad breath and chappy lips, and you refuse to chew a piece of gum or put on some lip gloss, and then on top of that you have a filthy mouth that is always using foul language. And then you want to say: Oh That's Just Me, Accept Me. But you were not like this when you two met.

Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Sweetheart In Love With You.

Second top way for great love for life: Keep Some Drama To Yourself.
Now you already know some people within your circle who are very Drama Prone, and they constantly have issues will all sorts of people and all sorts of happenings. And whether it is your husband or wife, or girlfriend or boyfriend, they already have their own stresses in life. And when they finally see you, they would love a hug, a kiss, a dinner, a cuddling session, and even a little love making. So they do not care to constantly hear about your Social Networks made-up dramas. Or you just want to gossip about all your supposed friends all of the time. And believe me you will never stay in love that way, and that great love will always end up leaving or even cheating on you.

Third top way to keep your sweetheart interested: Stop Being So Busy.
Everything in life is about Balance and Moderation. So please, do not force your Career to become your Lover, or you working out to be your sex partner, or even make God your bed partner. Because you will always end up finding yourself by yourself, and alone with yourself. No Fellow Romantic, when you got into this love relationship it was of your own free will. So you have a duty toward the other person, just like when you got hired for a job you had certain duties toward the Company, or when you became Righteous you had a duty toward your God. So Make Time, Always, for your Love Teddy Bear to kiss, to cuddle, to make love, to talk politely, and you will stay in love for life.

Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Sweetheart In Love With You.

Fourth top way to stay in love: Make Love...
Every Chance you get, I Beg Of You, Make Sweet Love to your Teddy Bear. I do not mean to have sex all the time with no feelings. I mean, kiss your sweetheart just because, a little kiss on the shoulders when watching TV. A little kiss when at the Mall on the hands and walking around. A little kiss when washing the car on the chest or on the forehead. A little kiss on the buttocks while in the shower. A little kiss on the cheek every time they open a door for you. And then when you make love, stop treating your love like a male or female prostitute, just because your mind is so corrupted... NO, instead open up your heart and make love as if You Two Were Angels.

Fifth top way to keep your sweetheart madly in love with you: Be Grateful always.

Nobody owes you anything, not even God. So for everything you get in life from anyone, especially that wonderful Lover of yours, be grateful. Be grateful by saying Thank You every time you hear I Love You. Be grateful every time you two have just finished making love and you have reached an orgasm, and say Thank You in a sincere way. Yes be grateful and write your thoughts on a piece of paper to thank that person, and even in Law Enforcement it is always said that If It's Not Written Down It Did Not Happen. And so it is for your love, for how you feel, for how you appreciate your Great Love. And nothing is more appreciative than you writing A Love Poem from the heart. I mean you don't have to be a great writer, all you have to do is write down all the Joy you feel because of that great person who is willing to spend time with the Likes Of You. Your Relationship Coach 

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