Top 4 Ways To Find Love Again Today.

By James Dazouloute --- How To Find Love, how to be happy and even how to feel on top of the world, seem to be your life long goals ever since you became aware how wonderful those things make you feel. And so no matter how many times your heart has

Top 4 Ways To Find Love Again Today.
 been broken, no matter how many times you thought you found Thee One, and no matter how you made stupid mistakes to lose your love, you still refuse to give up. And like A Fool, you keep on trying, you keep on hoping, you keep on dreaming about how to find love, you keep on looking for in each person that you meet for that Perfect Mate. And so you become like Johnny Walker, and You Keep On Walking... toward the possibility of finding true love. But you have your own problems that prevent you from finding and being happily in love, and not to forget that the people you do meet also have troubles that are forcing them not to truly love you. So today I intend to help you deal with the top 4 ways on how to find love:

How to find love: Get Rid Of Toxic Emotions
Please, please stop Being A Victim about all the things that have happened to you. And this is not meant to be harsh, it is only to tell you that You Just Don't Understand The Universe. But she is not your enemy when allowing things to arrive in your life, and not to forget that 90% of the bad things that happen to you was because you were too stubborn and too rebellious to leave them alone from the very beginning. Just think about some of the people you have met, and from the very first few seconds, The Universe quickly yelled at you in your spirit, in your soul and even in your nerve cells To Run As Fast As You Can. But you just threw all this caution to the wind, and you say to yourself: OH I Don't Want To Be Prejudice, even though you have already met this type of person and personality before, and you already knew how it all begins and how it all ends. But stubbornly and rebelliously you marched in. And now you are filled with toxic emotions, and you are feeding them with water and sunshine from your brain, emotions and thoughts. And now you will not pop your titties out of its mouth, and allow those emotions to move along. So let go of Betrayal, of Anxiety, of Past Hurt, Or Misunderstandings and of Heartbreaks, then you will find love.

Top 4 Ways To Find Love Again Today.

Second top way to find love again: Do Love In A New Way.
You already know that: Insanity is, to keep doing the same things the same way, over and over again, then expect things to change. And you have not only been insane, but you have been living in insanity all of your life, because you have been approaching love the same way every single time. and now that you want to find love again, you must begin to fall in love in a brand new way, you must give someone a chance before you even have to wait for you to be shown what is good about him or her. So do something great that you have never done before when you are trying to find love again, and instead of waiting a month to  hold hands with someone and say to them I Trust You, then try to surprise yourself, and begin to trust and communicate this to that person Clearly, and you'll be surprised how human beings will devote themselves to you when they see just how much you are relying on them.

To find love again: Accept Who You Are.
Unless you are 5 years old and still have  a spongy mind that is still learning and absorbing who you are, then you are pretty much set into who you are, and are not going to change. And you know what they say about: A Bent Tree That Is Mature Can Not Be Straighten, Only Cut Down.  And believe me You Are Bent and you are not going to change, but can only make slight adjustments. So  start to accept who you are, and to find love again you must begin to look for your opposite who will compliment you. Notice I say your complementary opposite, and not just your opposite. Meaning,  If you drink heavily, you want someone who does not drink but is supportive in a positive way, while helping you to bring your extreme drinking under control. Because that is how God always set up things in your life that are good for you. So as you accept who you are, do not fool yourself when you meet someone who is not your type and thinking that you can change and match them. For they have their path laid out for them, and you may not be a Co-Traveler for their journey.  
Top 4 Ways To Find Love Again Today.

Fourth way to find love: Make New Love Goals And Stick With Them.
Life is full of twists and turns, and you are filled with stubbornness and rebellious ways, as well as a Master's Degree in Self-Sabotage. So you have to make new goals in life about what you want to accomplish in love this time, and when The Universe sends you that new lover, begin immediately to share those goals in a gentle way with that new soul who is about to begin your new love journey with you. And you know that it takes two to make everything go right, so make positive goals about sharing your emotions this time around, about stop faking orgasms this time, about really opening up your heart this time, about truly being faithful and not play little mind games like a prostitute this time around... So make concrete goals and live to accomplish them with your partner who is there to support you. Remember: Two Heads Are Always Better Than One, and three heads are perfect since God is always the one above interweaving the two. Your Relationship Advocate 

Your Love Advocate 
How To Find Love Right Now...

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