Top 3 Ways To Deal With Love Betrayal Right Now.

By James Dazouloute --- What Is Betrayal that it has you feeling so diminished, so violated and so lost? And you know that you have given your Love your all, and you have even taken vows to spend your entire life with him or her, forever united 
Top 3 Ways To Deal With Love Betrayal Right Now.

throughout all the perils of life. Then you went on to put your career on hold, just so you could create and then have your own little family. Afterward you opened up your bank account and tried to show your appreciation of that seemingly great person, by buying the most lavish gifts that you could afford, as well you spent a fortune taking the most expensive vacations to all the exotic places together. And not to forget that you have opened up your heart in ways that you did not even imagine you could, because you wanted to give Love the most perfect chance ever to work. And so now you are baffled that the wonderful love of your life is no longer here, and you can't seem to control your emotions.

So Betrayal is, as some have been known to describe it: The breaking of, or a violation of trust, of confidence, and even a contract between two parties. OR - It is when somebody that you trusted with something important, and he or she has given you their word to take care of it, then they completely abandon their word and do the opposite. OR - Betrayal is when you help the enemy by giving away information that could destroy the lives and the property of the innocent, where you betray your Country.

Top 3 Ways To Deal With Love Betrayal Right Now.

So as you can see dear friend, Betrayal is an extremely grave act of cowardice, of dishonor and of dereliction of a duty. And when it comes to your heart that you have given away into the hands of another to take great care of, then you now know why you are diminished, why you are so angry, why you are so lost, and why you are even so depressed and don't want to go on. But now that this irreversible act has happened to you, I show you the top 3 ways to deal with it:

So the first way to deal with betrayal: Be Quick To Forgive.
Now human nature dictates that when grave wrong has been done to you, that it is a must that you take your revenge, and show all parties involved just who they are messing with or have betrayed. But I implore You to go against human nature, because it is the lowest form of understanding there is. Rather you must remember that you are a spiritual being, also above all you are above and beyond any wrongs. And I tell you that you are above, because if you lower yourself and start to focus solely on that betrayal, then it will grow, expand, and then consume you. Then that person who has done you wrong, will have moved on to their next target and totally forget about you. In the meantime, you become their slaves and are consumed with revenge, then you will have lost the greatest opportunity to rebuild and become even greater in love than you could ever be. Because it is the things that you are denied and wronged by, that propel you forward into greatness. So go ahead and forgive that betrayer in your heart, so you could rebuild. And do not worry, the Universe is never mocked, nor does Karma allows wrong to go unpunished without making sure it is repaid 7 times, as God has ordained it to be. So they will get theirs, worst than you could ever dish out to them.

Top 3 Ways To Deal With Love Betrayal Right Now.

Second way to get past betrayal: Set New Boundaries.
Now that you have been betrayed, you have to admit it is partly your fault, because you were too trusting in the purity of mankind. So now as you are rebuilding, you must set boundaries as to how you will deal with the next lover, ( Or even him or her again if you choose to stay ). Never to make him or her pay for the mistake of a stupid other, as others have made the mistake of doing, but to avoid trusting too soon, and too blindly. So little by little and then with checks and balances. So step-by-step with trust being proven.

Third way to deal with the monstrosity of betrayal: People Will Let You Down.
If there is anything you can be sure of in this life, it is that your fellow humans will let you down at every turn and with every chance they get. So if you already have this mindset, then you will never be betrayed again. Because then you will have learned that a lot of times someone betrays you not because he or she even sets out to do so, but because they are weak, because they are influenced by unseen evil forces, because they too sometimes have been betrayed and abused in the past. So with this great understanding, then you are now ahead of the game. You are now in charge of dealing with anyone and everyone, and this is why You Forgave, this is why You Set Boundaries, and this is why You now are helping them not to betray you.

Top 3 Ways To Deal With Love Betrayal Right Now.

So Love does not have to be so terrible, and you do not have to be betrayed, nor do you have to lose everything including your heart. You are a supreme being who is made to love, and you can not help yourself but to do so, no matter how many setbacks you suffer. So with that you might as well allow yourself to love others, no matter how much fault you find in them, but already know that he or she will betray you sooner than later, and take precautions so that you have great power and authority over all those you deal with. And as I always say: Failure To Be Aware Is Failure To Be Aware Of Freedom. Your Romance Advocate 

Your Love Advocate 
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