Thanksgiving... How Do You And Your Loved Ones Celebrate it.

Since this is really the time for Families and Friends to gather and give thanks for having each other, for living the good life, for enjoying all the blessings of God and His Universe, and for giving thanks for having joined Mother Earth and stake a claim of a small portion of a home on this Planet. And Thanksgiving is also a day to be thankful for your good health, to be thankful for the job that you have that makes a difference in the lives of others, also a time to appreciate all the wonderful animals that God placed in your life as your pets and even best friends at times. But Thanksgiving is also a Holiday to recapture old friendships, to forgive those who have offended you, to make stronger the bond of family, and to even welcome a new family member and friend who was born this year. And so Thanksgiving... How Do You And Your Loved Ones Celebrate it?

Thanksgiving is an important Tradition to have, if not the most important. Since it always reminds us to always give Thanks for all that we are, all that we have,  for our health, for our accomplishments, for our blessings from God, and even for the Lessons that we had to learn so we can be where we are right now. And Thanksgiving is one of the great attributes that even God looks for in us as His children and worshipers, because that is really the only thing we can give back to Him through our hearts for all He does every second. And then we also add to that the fact God gives to us even when we hate Him, His laws, and even His Discipline. So go ahead and give thanks today.

Thanksgiving... How Do You And Your Loved Ones Celebrate it? Yes, How do you enjoy this festive Holiday of Gratefulness? And even how do you cook the wonderful meal, how do you enjoy eating your favorite dish, and how do you savor the moment of Joy that each person who is around you is glowing with? Ah Yes, Life can be so grand, whenever we just stop. And appreciate all the wonderful little things that matter the most, like a meal with family and friends. Like a moment to create Souvenirs between loved ones. Like a moment of Elation between people who have found common ground in eating a Turkey, or a piece of bread, or a salad, or some gravy, or some wine, and anything else that fancies your taste bud, just as long as you get to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends, and even a Stranger or two. Share Your Thoughts On Thanksgiving. Your Thanksgiving Advocate, James Dazouloute

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