Starting Today, What To Speak In Love.

STARTING TODAY... I Am  a magnet for love, for success in my relationships, and for perfection in who I am... And that will be just what You need to be in order to survive this thing you are going through Beloved. Because Life is not meant to be lived in Loneliness, in fear, in disgrace, in poverty, in weakness, in trials and tribulations... Since You are Co-Creator with God, and you have the ability to turn all things around to work for you. After all, remember that time when you got caught off guard by this huge light bill, you created a way and paid it. Remember that time when this car came out of nowhere and hit your car, you found a way to steer your car and not get killed. Remember that time when this sickness crept up on you and tried to kill you, you said: STARTING TODAY... I AM Healed, and right away your body started complying. Remember that time..

So STARTING TODAY... I Am The Perfection Of Love... Speak this, and Whatever else you need to be so you can rise to the top once more. Yes whatsoever you must become and do for yourself, so you can overcome this disaster in your life. Yes you can be the difference maker once more today, just like you have been so many times, you can be the bread winner and bring home the bacon today, you can get this house fixed up just like when you bought it, you can rebuild your life after this Hurricane of a disappointment and get back on top once more... And this Thing is not the end of you Beloved, it shall not be the end of you Warrior, and it is only over when you say it is over, Starter And Finisher. 

STARTING TODAY... I am no longer a victim of Loneliness and Abandonment... Because after all, remember the God Factor? You are made in His image, and He still has plans for you just like He did for the Prophet Jeremiah, and so you know what You need to do: Start To Speak To These Dry Bones, Start To Give Rise To The Spirit Of Health In You, Start To Raise The Warrior In You, Start To Stretch Yourself To Start To Really Run This Marathon Called: Life. And there may come a day when your strength may fail you, or your health may betray you, or your mind may be disturbed... Well Today Is Not That Day, And Right Now Is Not That Moment... Because You Have People Who Are Counting On You, You Have Loved Ones Who Have Grand kids To Present To You, And You Have Success Awaiting You In All You Undertake... So Yes You can... Starting Today... Because You Are..... Your Love Survival Advocate,  James Dazouloute


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  1. Anonymous3:15 PM

    starting today i want to love me more, with all my mistakes

  2. Anonymous3:15 PM

    I own love and love owns me, starting today. Thanks for posting this James

  3. Anonymous9:04 PM

    You're right we have to speak love over our lives.