Right Here Waiting For Love... And Here Is Why You Should.

Right Here Waiting For You, is what you should always tell your Soul mate. Because the two of you had already decided to join up forces while in the Heavens as perfect spirit beings. And just because one of you just got here before the other, does not mean that you should not wait.

Right Here Waiting For You is what you should tell Love. And just because One Lover is confused and will not come rest in your arms right way, does not mean that you should not wait without complaining. For love is Patient, and love seeks not it's own.

Right Here Waiting For You is what we should say in our prayers to God. Because we have to await His return, and we have to serve Faithfully through our daily activities. And we should also say this to God, for the perfect lover who was created just for us, our characters, our temperament, our needs and definitely our love.

Right Here Waiting For You is what a Wife and a Husband should say to each other. Because as each day forces them to leave each other's presence for Godly assigned chores, then the reminder that the profound love that exists in one another 's heart will not depart. Nor will it be shared in a moment of a flirtatious weakness with another, which would cause it to become defiled.

Right Here Waiting For You is what we should whisper to our Dreams. Yes do whisper " I LOVE You" while you kiss your love teddy bear. Yes do whisper: My Love, I am glad that I waited for you yesterday, today. And will be right here waiting for you each and every moment that you are not in my loving arms. Because you are mine and mine alone, you are my promised blessing that God had finally delivered to me: Shaken down, pressed together and bursting at the seams of romance, of fidelity, of joy and of a perfect fit.

Right Here Waiting For You is What we should think of our Goals. Because they make take a little while before they are accomplished, and since we already know that Rome was not build in one day, then so to is the goal we have for our love relationship to be perfected. And so we will wait to have the greatest love of all from our destined soul mate to arrive to us.

Right Here Waiting For You is what we should do, to let our Heart catch its breath when we fall in love. And especially when our Sweetheart is not able to keep up with us with our unchained passion, with unbridled lust and with our legendary romance. Yes we must wait for the 2 hearts sharing one perfect love to catch up to one another, and become forever intertwined... 

All this love is waiting for you, and do I have to expose you to the rest of the world?. For as you already know my love is truly explosive, as well filled to the brim and ready to overflow to inundate your every doubt, your every regret, your every weakness and definitely overflow your every sexual needs. Yes I Love You, Yes You... Freely and without any reservation. For my Love and I are right here waiting for you. Your Love Advocate, James Dazouloute

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