If You Were My Valentine... A Love Poem.

A Love Poem to You my love, to expose the most exquisite, and the most hidden secrets of my sentiments for You. Since you are oblivious to my deepest needs of you, and the grand wishes that I have been making for years to have you in my arms.

On this valentine day, I proclaim in my own little world and in my head alone, that you are mine forever. And we will be walking towards heavenly delights, hand in hand, heart to heart, and kisses from kisses. For you, and you alone are my whole world.

I am so happy that February the 14th. Is finally here, and Saint Valentine is ready to grant me the favors of my heart. And I am elated as well, that Angel Cupid is standing by just in case, to ensure that my love for is forever inflamed.

Oh Love! I know that after God, you are the second most powerful being. And so I ask you on this valentine's day to grant me the blissful love of my beloved. To grant me a pool of heating passion, where our hearts could melt and become one, forever indistinguishable. And so if you grant to me this one wish, then I promise ( I really promise this time and mean it ) that I will never ask you for anything ever again. 

Oh Saint Valentine! Won't you say a prayer for me?. For the only desire I have is for my beloved to know that I am in love, to know that I am in need of mercy – love – compassion and understanding. So Please, Please Make My Day In Love.

If you were my valentine, I would kiss your feet everyday after I bathe you. I would write love poems like this incessantly. I would caress you as I would the world's most precious diamond. I would not eat, since this is a useless task for my heart, because I need to only do the things that will push me deeper into your abyss of love.

If you were my valentine, love would have nowhere to run, and passion would never be able to catch her breath, for I would constantly be making great use of them in worshiping and appreciating you. And if those two ever got a  little tired, then I would employ the services of Romance, of Seduction, and of Fidelity to continue in adoring you.

If you were my valentine, I would be obsessed with your words, I would live only to see the twinkle in your eyes, and I would tattoo inside my heart every letter of your name which all mean one thing to me: Love.

How I speak your love into my heart, how I adore you behind secret bushes, how I desire for  Your attention to be fixated toward me. How I need to be your one and only. How I create a new castle of love each day, so you could rule in love with me. How I would give up my house, my car, my money, my time on earth, my legacy, and even my good name. Just to live in a “ Garden Of Eden Made Only Of Our Love. But only if, You were my valentine.

If you were my one and only love valentine, I would make small goals to plant a garden of only the purest roses, and then build a house made of only rose petals. Then I would run and get my hands on purity and fidelity, and I would use them as the invincible foundations of our house of love. Then I would make a pilgrimage to the highest Heaven, and ask God to not just give me love to love you with, but His Most Reserved Love That He Has For His Only Begotten – Son, and comeback to use it as the very roof of our house of Love. Oh! How I Love You So... If You Were My Valentine, James Dazouloute

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