I remember You... A Love Poem.

I remember you the day after Mr. Valentine has returned to his heavenly throne, to sing love serenades with Angel Cupid and rest. But my soul refuses to lay down, for I am afraid I will forget your love.

I remember you my love, because my fidelity is a slave to the sentiments of love that you have placed over it, as Overseer from Eternity past. And since Time is a weak and insignificant being when it comes to love, then my soul knows not what day it is.

I have to remember, I want to remember, I must remember the direct order that you have given to my heart to forever stay in love with you. And this is a charge that I have taken up with honor and a perfect spirit. And I had promised to you that I would never betray you, like Lucifer did to God. And that in my heart, a new Hope of unwavering loyalty has been birthed.

I Remember...
I remember you so much my love that even the Holy Archangels of God are wondering what kind of new obedience is this?. Because no matter my suffering and my private Hell of being away from you, I ask not that this cup be taken away from me. For I beg for more to prove my undying love.

I strive everyday to be The Image Of Covenant, The Image Of Solitude, The Image Of a new Mantra: All In Love With You, Or Nothing At All.

I tattoo my heart daily with Cupid's Arrow, and there I use my own blood as Ink, to etch my promise to Love you always. Because I have to remember.

God Please Help Me... I Remember My Love. For You are the The Perfect One who God handed to me, and told me to: Hold on to this great love no matter what, even if Heaven and Earth pass away. That I, Dr James Dazouloute
must hold out the Flame Of Love.

Yes My Love, I am the guardian of Love who gives St. Valentine a reason to come down from Heaven on February the 14th. each year to increase love, because He is afraid that I will take the title away from him. Since my love for you is so steadfast and unshaken. 

I remember love on your shoulders, I remember passion playing at your feet and begging you to take her along any road you step on. I remember that my love for you shook the Heavens so much with it's joy on that great day, that God The Father Himself got off His throne for a second, just to come see this new invincible Love for Himself. 

I Give All My Love To Charity... Until I Reunite With My Love Mate
I am here, I am where I need to be, I am lighting up the entire world just from the little undiminished flame of love that you have given to me to hold on to, until your return to me. And all because I remember that this little light of love that you carved out from your perfect heart to give to me, is the one that God used to tell the Universe: Come Forth In Love. I Remember... Forever, James Dazouloute

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