I Love You... But Why Do You Say That.

I Love You... And you hear these 3 words being pronounced all the time. But why do people say those words, what pinnacle do their feelings have to reach in order for them to become a slave to love? And what about you, what have brought you to the point, or have gotten into you to make you declare that you are in love? And everyday of your life, deep down inside your heart, you have this wish and great need for love in all forms. Whether to hear that you are loved, or whether it is you saying that to somebody else, or that you even love people in general, like your family and close friends.

In order to examine the words “I Love You”,
You must first understand that love is in you and all around you, as well you were created by it, through it and because of it. As a matter of fact, the entire Universe is filled with it. And so it is only natural that within every fiber of your being, you want to say those words to the right person. But the problem is, every time you think you have the right person to give your perfect love to, it turns out that you were wrong and have made a complete fool of yourself. And that is because love has gotten a hold on you that is much stronger than even the prayers that you say to God, and you are powerless to keep wanting all the wonderful little gifts that it has to offer, such as: Finding your soul mate, finding true love, having fidelity at your door step, obtaining great romance for the rest of your life, living in perfect harmony with your lover, having great purpose in life, being needed constantly, enjoying gratitude from your admirers, having peace and calmness inside you, and enjoying the great and immense power of love.

Also love makes you do any and everything, because once you truly have it for someone,
Then you can't eat, you have a very hard time sleeping, if you think you have been betrayed then you will lose your mind in trying to hurt one and all. Additionally, love will make you give up your dreams just so you could be with the one you love, it will make you out to be the most jealous person of all time, and it will make you give up everything because you are so depressed if you ever think that you lost it. And then love is not finished with you, because it will make you fall into any and all bad vices when you don't have it, and are looking for it in all the wrong places. It will also make you have all kinds of wrong sex, due to the hope that through one of those sex partners you will find true love.

And now you must remember the spiritual aspect of love as well,
Because even God is not immune to this great power. For even He fell under the spell of “ I Love You”, because He left His Throne where He could rule all the Heavens and all the Universes, and came down to earth in order to save you by dying for you. Just so your debts of all wrongdoings can be repaid to Himself as the Father God. And then because He loves you so much, He raised Himself from the dead. And then because of love again, He welcomed you to His Kingdom and on top of that, made you Heir to the Throne. All because He Loves You So Much.

So if love can have this effect on the Creator Of All,

Including Love Itself that He Created; then how much more so will it have on you who do not even fully understand it? But the beautiful thing about love is that you can have it within your bosom, your heart, your arms, your caress, your lips, your mind, your thighs, your eyes and even your dreams. Because love is so immense that it can fill you up in all capacities, and it can reach anyone it wants to at anytime. Whether they want it to or not, because love has no Master but is a giver. So this is why you say: I Love You.... Your Sentimental Advocate, James Dazouloute

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  1. Anonymous6:38 AM

    Now I know why I say I love you. Thanks

  2. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Great share on why we say i love you every day. Maribelle