How To Make Love Last In Your Relationship Today.

I speak Love over us, I claim that Love is Ours for enrichment, I give power to the word Love to come and consume us right now my Love, and I take lead in pronouncing how much I love You Sweetheart. And when it comes to a Romantic Family, this is how each person in this loving family should speak to one another, because Love is the quintessential ingredient that is needed to overcome all obstacles in life. And a close second is Unselfishness. And when you can combine those 2, then you will not have to experience arguments, experience separation, or even the Big Ugly Word: Divorce.

So for love to last in a Romantic Family, a great daily dedication should be: My Love Is Yours. And that dedication should come from each party as a life mission, where each one makes him/herself extremely busy in worrying about, in taking care of and in satisfying the other Lover's needs. For that is The Vow that was taken when the family decided to form a Merger Of Love. And if you are any kind of a Business Entrepreneur, then you already know that when you form a partnership, it is all about taking care of, and meeting the needs of your partner. All because you need them so much to be successful, and to get to the next level.

So MY LOVE IS YOURS?.. Well I take the lead in saying that to the Love Of My Life at least 5 times a day, and then once I speak those words and give them life into the Universe, I then go out and look for any way possible where I can demonstrate that my love is for my other half. And I know and you know, that when it comes to Human Beings, it is always, always the smallest things that touch them the most. And that can range from a sincere little love poem, or a some hand picked flowers, or some profound text message, or even just a deep look into that other person's eyes and say: You Are My Whole World... And Mean It. Your Relationship Advocate, James Dazouloute

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