How To Have Great Romance In 3 Easy Steps.

Romance is out there for you to grab a hold of, and be forever joyful. But you must beware, for it is a tricky art form to master, since it is quite elusive, quite messy and very hard to get if you don't know what you're doing. Also many have spent their entire lifetime searching for great romance with the right person, while others have gone bankrupt trying to buy their way into the heart of another, and have failed miserably. So you have to take a step back to do what is right, take a step back to enjoy the wonderful feelings that you encounter when you are interacting with someone. And you have to know the 3 easy steps to take to find, then have and be able to maintain great romance, since you are not meant to be alone, and you are not supposed to live within your own mind. And so I will help you:

First easy step to take to have great romance: Be Easy Going.
Yes you must be easy going, you must be an easy person to get along with, and you must be approachable by the wonderful people that you are trying to attract. And there is  something about the Universe, that you will get what you are projecting, always. So if you are easy going and love to enjoy life, as well if you find something beautiful in everything and in everyone, then the Universe will bring the kind of people who are opposite from you, but complement you to perfection. So go ahead and stop being so judgmental of everyone that you meet, and know that each person was meant to be exactly as they are, very different from you but still accomplishing goals as well as living their life. And what you have to do is decide which one you want to deal with romantically and which one you don't care for.

Second easy step for great romance: Open Your Heart.
Nothing is more important than this if you want to have great romance and wonderful love in your life. Because you do not want to be like those friends of yours, who are always complaining about not having Love in their life, but as soon as the Universe sends someone to even look their way, then they get all negative by saying: I am too old for love, I haven't got the time for romance, or there is no such thing as true love, etc. But Not You, for you have opened your heart and you are looking for every opportunity to have great romance and find the love of your life. And you also know that no matter how many times you have failed before, it all just puts you this much closer to success in romance.

Third easy step that is a must for great romance: Be Appreciative.
I can't tell you how many first dates go horribly because one of the people is brash, arrogant and quite forward. And that is because he or she is not Easy Going to begin with, then does not have an Open Heart, and is definitely not appreciative of life and of others. So please understand that when someone sits down with you, it is a gift. When someone is having dinner with you, it is a perfect gift from the Universe. When someone comes pick you up in their car and is burning their gas, then be appreciative. When someone says he or she wants to date you, then that is a gift of love. When someone makes love to you, then this is the greatest gift of all from their heart, mind and soul.

 So go ahead and have the greatest romance of all times. And be known as the most perfect gift that God could have placed in anyone's life.  Your Romance Advocate, James Dazouloute

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