How To Find My Soul Mate, And Not Be Married To The Wrong Person.

How To Find My Soul mate... And how to find happiness forever? Those two questions go hand in hand, and will be the same when the answer comes. Because finding your soul mate will bring a connection that is inexplicable, and will also bring such a peace and such togetherness that no one else around will be able to understand this. Because they will think that the two of you are just silly and crazy, and yet it is all because of the great spiritual, soul, mind and body connections that were made long ago. Before you two even dropped down here in this physical realm to enjoy life as lower beings, and to walk this journey of love together.

How To Find My Soul mate... And Not Be Married To The Wrong Person? And how do you make sure that you do not mistake the wrong person for your soul mate, because even though all things were perfectly clear when you two were Spirit Beings, but when you two arrived down here, and got separated for a short while because you each had to go and be born physically into different families, and grew up with different physical experiences, then things tend to get blurry. Destiny tend to be forgotten, as life wants to push you the two of you apart, as if not wanting love to bind you two once more.

And so what do you have to look out for? Because you already know that major decisions that you make today, you will not fully see the results of those, for at least 10 years. Kind of like when you decide not to go to college at 20, and it is not until your 30's and 40's that you feel the full consequences. And so it is with love, and I can guarantee that the person you are very sexually attracted to is not your soul mate. Because perfect love is slow, it is kind, it is very peaceful, it is not argumentative, it is passive, it is soft , it is gentle, it is boring, it is quiet, it is patient, it is shy, it is uneventful. And this is what you should be looking in your soul mate, but there is an instant connection that will be made where you feel that you have found a best friend, where you feel like this person talks with you as if he or she knew you all your life. And this person knows the reason why you do things much better than you do. That Is Your Soul Mate.

Because love that is Overly Sexual will not last, that is not your soul mate. That is the fun person you wanted to meet and be with for a short while. Kind of like what all men who have received wisdom from their Father have always said: You don't ever marry the Freak in bed, you marry the boring woman, the one who is always talking about kids and family. Because the Freakish Girl is just a practice Girl, to get all your craziness out of your system. And so it is with the man that is a bad-boy who you are so attracted to, only a Practice Guy to have some fun. But Never Your Soul Mate. But Sadly enough, 95 Percent of people in the world end up marrying the wrong person, because they use the wrong signals to look for their soul mate. 

And another way to look at this from the Spiritual sense, it's like when you go to the Mall and you park your car at some level in the parking garage. Now you and your car already know each other real well before you got to the Mall ( Or drop down to the Earth). But when you got to the Mall and finished having your fun, and now you can't seem to find your best friend, your car. And so many times you end up going to the wrong floor, and even walk up to, and stick your key into a very similar car. Now is that your car? Of course not, and this situation you can rectify within one hour. Now imagine you came down here, and you made the same mistake and mistook someone else for your soul mate, except this time you went all the way and end up marrying that person, or have a few babies by that person. Now imagine the nightmare, 5 years later once you finally realize you got the wrong Husband or the wrong Wife. So just use the criteria I gave you above and you will find your Soul mate in no time at all.  Your Romance Advocate, James Dazouloute

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