How To Fill Your Heart With Love Right Now.

Feed The Heart... Here Is How to do it today since yours is extremely fragile, and you can not afford to starve it on top of that. But at the same time, you don't want the wrong kind of sentiments, the wrong type of love, the wrong feelings to come into your heart and poison it. And so you want the right kind of food to sustain your heart, you want to feel full, you want joy to be a desert for your heart, and you also want passion to be the spoon that your heart uses to feed itself. All because you deserve to have your heart live in peace, you were promised by destiny that you will get your heart's desire. And so today, I will share with you the only perfect food you need to feed your heart:

Feed The Heart... And the way you do that is to do what you want to do and love to do. And I know that this sounds extremely simple, but I must tell you that this way of living is all that your heart really needs to survive, to grow strong and to live happily ever after. Why? Because whenever you are doing what you want, that is the first step of having Freedom, and you already know that love must be free. And so by you doing what you want and love, then you are living your life in freedom, you are aspiring to become the happiest person on the Planet.

Also, you have heard that whatsoever you want to attract then you must be that first. So if deep love is what you want to feed your heart with, then you must begin to have deep love for Self. And the way you do is by doing what you want and what you love. On top of that, you have been told that rather than looking for Mr. or Ms. Right, you must first become Mr. or Ms. Right yourself, and then you will attract effortlessly that person. And so again, by doing what you want and love, you are already becoming Mr. or Ms. Right because that is the way to live life the right way. 

Additionally, for you to feed the heart, then you must be happy, you must be joyful, you must be loved, you must be admired, you must experience love. And by doing what you want and what you love, then the laws of attraction will work for you, because you will attract another person who is also doing what they want and love. And when the two of you join up, then you two will become as one and continue to do what is free, what is great, what is wonderful, what is loved to be done, and the heart will be fed... Both your hearts. James Dazouloute

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