How To Be In A Love Relationship That Is Perfect For You

How To Be In A Perfect Relationship.... is what you have asked every person who you interact with, and all because you seem to be confused about romance. I mean, you ask yourself all the times: Why do people lie in relationships?. And why can't they just love one person and be done with it?. Believe me dear friend, I am with you. But the main reason for all the troubles of relationships is that people do not know how to effectively communicate. You know the old saying: “ Say what you mean and mean what you say?. “

And all this stem from the ability to speak properly what is deep inside the heart, the mind along with the soul. For it has been said, whatsoever is inside a sponge when you squeeze it, is what will come out. Nothing else. Deep the sponge in milk, then squeeze it and only milk will come out. 

And the first easy way to be in a perfect relationship, is to always test someone's heart. 
I mean, squeeze that person and see what will come out. Because remember, “ Out of the heart the mouth speaks, “ even when only joking. So you test your lover or potential lover, by asking questions in different forms, different ways, and at different times – sometimes serious and sometimes jokingly. Because the heart and the mind are sponges once again, and what is inside them is what will come out - Always. Case and point: Once a cheater, always a cheater. Once a wife – beater, always a wife – beater. Once a filthy – mouth, always a filthy mouth. And how many times have you had someone at work who wanted to insult you deep from within their heart, and he or she used a joke to do it in front of everybody. That person used the “ Smart Politics “ to tell you what is in their heart. Because he or she knows that if you see through it and get mad for being insulted, then everyone around can see that this person was only kidding and make you out a monster. But if you take it well, then that person finally got to tell you exactly just how he or she feels using the power of words.

Second easy way to be in a perfect love relationship made just for you, is to “ Never Run From Yourself. “ 
And what I mean by that is, if 3 people you have been with who have never met each other, all tell you the same things as they are breaking up with you; then you have a problem in those categories. And you running away, to run into a new relationship is only taking you with you, and sooner or later whatever you were doing before will only be done again. So learn to “ Control Your Behaviors “. Notice I did not say “ Change.” Because people do not change, it's just an easy expression that people use, like: “ Oh I have changed. “ No my friend, what they are really trying to tell you is that, they have learned to control their behaviors and have set up safeguards to prevent them from acting that way. For even in the scriptures, God tell you to run from sins. Because He knows that once something is inside you ( Like a sponge ) then you will only keep acting it out over and over again. Hence this is why you do the things that you do over and over, and over again. So start today to set perimeters for the areas in your life that you have problems with. Kind of like an Alcoholic or a Drug Addict, they always do well when they set up parameters to protect themselves and control their behaviors. Like an alcoholic will not take the way home where there is a bar, or the drug addict will not drive by the neighborhoods where the dealers do business.  And that is how they are able to say they have changed, but again, only really learned to control their behavior. So do the same thing for yourself.

Third easy way to be in a perfect relationship, is to learn to communicate what is in your heart. And what I mean by that is, learn how to use the power of words to get what you want. Because believe it or not, people are dying to fall in love with you and stay in love with you each and every day. But you have to know how to draw that out of them, and you do that by always charming them. Come on now, you know very well what I am talking about; because remember the last time you wanted to get a job and how charming you were. Or the last time you wanted to get a big discount at a store, how charming you were. Or even the last time you needed a favor done, and how charming you were. And that is not because you are the smartest person alive, no friend, it is only because people have a built – in sensor from God that causes them to want to be praised, to be complimented. For even God is always looking for praise and worship, and He wants that by having your sincere heart speak praises and compliments to Him. Remember David in the Bible?, for God said: David is a man after God's own heart. So you have to start speaking romantically to the people you want to be in love with you, at all times. You have to use the power of words towards your destiny of happiness and great love. Remember the old saying: You can catch more Bees with Honey, then with vinegar. 

For Example, your lover is leaving you and you say: Well fine, Go on then, I do not need you. I do not need anything.  OR:   Sweetheart, how do I live without you, how am I supposed to explain this to my heart?. I have already written out our days of love, and I have carved our names in the tree of love to be together forever. And now that you want to leave me, my heart has not learned loneliness because you did not teach it to me. I can't function without your gentle guiding heart.   Now, which one of these 2 statements would make your lover say: I am sorry, I do not know what I was thinking.  And remember dear friend, that No One owes you anything. People like to be swept off their feet and they definitely like to be needed, I mean why do you think somebody will work 2 jobs while the other goes to school? Because the one working 2 jobs feel needed and appreciated, and so you must be romantic at all times. 

Let me show you how, as I help you with always speaking the right words as well always taking the right actions in your marriage, your relationship, your engagement, your dating and even your casual interacting. Remember once again, this is about the “ Meaning and pursuit Of Love... “ And to finally find the Adam Or Eve who was meant for you, and have perfect Love between just the two of you. Your Perfect Relationship Advocate, James Dazouloute


And So I wrote this Book:
 ""What My Heart Didn't Know About Romance"" 
 What My Heart Didn't Know About Romance. A Book By James Dazouloute

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James  Dazouloute
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Just For You, Dear 'Die – Hard Romantic', who is always looking for deep Love no matter how many times it has eluded you. And no matter how many times you have been betrayed, abandoned and even disrespected, you simply refuse to give up. I applaud you for your courage.

And you, as well as all other wonderful, misunderstood people like yourself, are exactly why I have written this this BookWhat My Heart Didn't Know About Romance “. Because like you, I was so sick and tired of reading all the great romance novels, and also hearing from other people about how they just have this great Love. I also got sick and tired of hearing about all the Lovers who so understand each other, and no matter what, always seem to end up back on the same page of Love. As well, it appears as though everyone has found their “ Soul Mate “, except you. But the problem with these fairly tales is that, they never seem to fully explain to you just how they got this seemingly perfect Love, nor have they ever given you a step – by – step plan on how to make a great relationship works.

Well not today, because today I am here now to share with you, inside each chapter, what to do in regard to just about any issues that you may encounter about having perfect Love that was made just for you and that great someone. And this book is partly a collection of my relationship writings that have been published, as well as completely new ones.

By the time you are done reading this great “ Book Of Love “, I guarantee, if you apply what I share with you, you will be able to twist, shape mold and subdue Love by any means that you see fit. All to the benefits of having at all times, the most intimate romance between you and your wonderful Lover. Because, “ Fellow Romantic At Heart, “ this is your time to be happy and joyful. This is now your time to have romance novels being written about your great relationship. This is your time to stop being misunderstood, and this is definitely your time for your Lover to finally be on the same page, as well as connect with you.

What My Heart Didn't Know About Romance. A Book By James Dazouloute

 EBOOK Version - PDF - Download And Read Right Now:

PAPERBACK: Because There Is Nothing Like The Feel Of Having A Book In Your Hands, And As Part Of Your Collection Where You Can Flip Pages, Make Notes, And Even Lay Down With That Good Book:
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James  Dazouloute
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Table Of Contents:
Chapter 3. What Is Love And How Do You Capture It?.
Chapter 4. Meaning Of Love... Once You Have It
Chapter 5. What Is Interpersonal Communication, And How To Use It In All Your Relationships
Chapter 6. Love Relationship, Which Is Better Online Or Offline
Chapter 7. Love And Relationships, Easy Ways To Have Both
Chapter 8. What Is Lust... And How Does If Affect Love?.
Chapter 9. Online Date, 5 Ways To Be Safe
Chapter 10. Write Love Letters, And Drive Your Lover Wild
Chapter 11. I Love You Gifts, Different Ways To Be Romantic
Chapter 12. Give Love Away, And Become The Greatest Human The World Has Known
Chapter 13. Joy Of Being In Love, The Reasons Why This Experience Is So Fulfilling
Chapter 14. Inspirational Love, Why You Must Live By These 10 Inspirations Everyday To Keep Love
Chapter 15. Love Teddy bear, How To Love And Appreciate The Teddy bear In Your Life
Chapter 16. Thank You, How To Say Thank You My Love For All That You Give To Me
Chapter 17. Self Improvement Tips, And 10 Easy Ways To Succeed Being In Love...
Chapter 18. Greatness, How To Be A Great Lover By Using These 5 Steps In Your Love Life
Chapter 19. Zodiac Signs, All That You Need To Know About Your Spiritual Self When You Came To Earth To Love.
Chapter 20. Selling Love, How Do You Sell Yours In Your Love Relationship.
Chapter 21. I Don 't Know Why I Love You, But I Do Love You So Much
Chapter 22. Diana Ross, Said Touch Me In The Morning, But Who Will You Touch In Love?.
Chapter 23. Unconditional Love, Is There Such A Thing In Life And Reality.
Chapter 24. I love You So Much It Hurts, And Why Is That ?.
Chapter 25. No White Flag Above My Door, Not When It Comes To Loving All That Is Precious To Me.
Chapter 26. Unbreak My Heart, Here Is How To Unbreak It And Be Forever In Love.
Chapter 27. My Blessings, How To Get All Your Blessings In Love From God By Understanding Those 3 Things.
Chapter 28. We Fall Down And We Get Up, But Always Deep In Love.
Chapter 29. Where Do Broken Hearts Go, And Where Do they Get Healed?.
Chapter 30. Love, 7 Ways To Never Having Love In Your Life And Be Forever Alone.
Chapter 31. Make The World Go Away, But Why Love Is Still Here.
Chapter 32. Watch What You Say, And Your Love Life Will Always Be Great Forever.
Chapter 33. On Bended Knee... A Love Poem.
Chapter 34. You Are All I Have... A Love Poem.
Chapter 35. 7 Easy Ways To Enjoy The Simple Life And Have Great Love.
Chapter 36. This Is Unbelievable, Things We Take For Granted But This Man Lived And Died And Never Saw A Woman.
Chapter 37. Who Do You Remind Me Of... Is This Why I Am With You?.
Chapter 38. Plan A Wedding Time Line, 7 Easy Steps To Plan What To Do To Have The Best Wedding Ever.
Chapter 39. Inexpensive Wedding Invitations, Easy Ways To Do Them.
Chapter 40. Plan A Wedding, 5 Easy Ways To Save.
Chapter 41. Wedding Nightmares, 7 Easy Tips To Avoid Them.
Chapter 42. Shop For Your Lover... And Give Gifts Of Gratefulness.
Chapter 43. OOO La La... I Love You Poem:
Chapter 44. How To Be In A Perfect Love Relationship.
Chapter 45. Save Love... But First You Must Speak The Right Words.
Chapter 46. Help With Love.... To Keep From Losing Your Soul Mate In 3 Easy Ways
Chapter 47. 7 Ways To Have Perfect Love For You And Your Soul Mate.
Chapter 48. Self – improvement Plan To Be The Best Lover And Have The Best Health To Love With.
Chapter 49. Conflicts, 10 Easy Tips On How To Manage Conflicts In Your Love Life And All Other Areas.
Chapter 50. Thank You, How To Thank God For The Love And Spiritual Journey You're Experiencing.
Chapter 51. What Is Life, And What Are The 7 Most Important Things To Live Life By...
Chapter 52. You are my medicine... I Love You Poem.
 What My Heart Didn't Know About Romance. A Book By James Dazouloute

 EBOOK Version - PDF - Download And Read Right Now:

PAPERBACK: Because There Is Nothing Like The Feel Of Having A Book In Your Hands, And As Part Of Your Collection Where You Can Flip Pages, Make Notes, And Even Lay Down With That Good Book:
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James  Dazouloute
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