How To Attract Love In 3 Easy Steps.

By James Dazouloute ---- How To Attract Love is a bit of knowledge that you have always wished you had in your brain, at your fingertips, in your understanding and even on your tongue at the drop of a hat. Because you were created to be in pair, 
How To Attract Love In 3 Easy Steps.

you always feel lonely and are very needy of love. But the problem is you are shy deep down inside, you are not that good looking (Even though you put up a fake self image), and when you meet people you usually say some silly things, either because you are nervous, or you're just not sure what that person would love to hear so he or she could like you right from the get go. But no more will you have to worry about any of these missteps or faux pas, because today I intend to share with you the 3 easy steps to take for each lover you want to attract, no matter how sexy they are, no matter how out of your reach that person is, and no matter if you think you don't have a chance in a million. Because Every Human Being All Have The Same Basic Needs.

How To Attract Love, first step: Demonstrate Value.
This is the number one reason a man or woman will not even take a look at you, because you refuse to quickly demonstrate how valuable you are to them. And this value that you demonstrate does not have to be directly toward that person, it could be toward anyone who he or she thinks is very important. In other words, let's say a very small female broke down with a flat tire on the side of the road, and her spare tire is not functional. And I use this scenario because it is very common, you quickly pull over before any of your competitors do, and in the nicest - kindest - and most worrisome way, you offer to help take care of the situation fully (Demonstrate Value). Now imagine you are able to jack the vehicle in all the proper ways, you remove the old flat tire, and the spare tire is no good, you quickly offer to take that person to the nearest tire store, and either get that tire fixed or get a new one... You Pay. Then go back, and mount this tire to the vehicle. So right there you just became a Hero, a Life Saver, a Protector, a Helper, a Confidant, a Deliverer and Instant Valuable Great Friend. You just demonstrated your value, and now the person feels compelled to be friends with you. And all you wanted was for the door to crack open for the possibility of love. So Man and Woman, all have stuff that they are struggling with and need great help with right now. Just Be That Solution even to a Supermodel or Movie Star before your competition shows up.

How To Attract Love In 3 Easy Steps.

Second way to attract love: Engage Physically.
Now you have already demonstrated your great value in the kindest, most humble and very sincere ways (These Are All Important); and now you are invited for coffee, for a cook out, for lunch, for a little party a few days later. Because you are someone to have around, now it is up to you to step up and engage physically. Why? Because 92% Of Communication is Non-Verbal, and so each and every human being communicate by touch, by looks, by laughter and by telepathy. And so now it is up to you to deploy your arsenal when you show up for that encounter. So if you are a woman you bring out your physical assets to tease, and to show that you are not only a great saviour, but you are also a great catch. If you are a man, continue showing your physical prowess which you already begun to demonstrate at your first encounter. And now you must create another situation where you two will be closed physically, whether that is going to a movie, or getting the smallest booth at that restaurant, or finding a tiny bench at your local city park, or whether you two are going to watch a movie at home and all you have is a love seat... Just find a way to engage physically without being too aggressive, and Nature will take it's course. Because you are already in as A Saviour, and they already trust you to be caring and selfless... Use It To Your Advantage Since No One Will Hand You Anything.

How To Attract Love In 3 Easy Steps.

How To Attract Love, Third Step: Create Dependency And Pull Back.
Remember that you are in this and have done all this to attract Love, not sex or games. And so you must move that person in the direction that you need him or her to go, toward the Fall-In-Love aspect of this new relationship. And really all that is real simple, because all you have to do is continue on the road that you started on, by being a continuous Life Saver, a Constant Problem Solver, an Unselfish Friend, and The Go To Person at 2 in the morning. And I Guarantee you that if you are there in a big way at least twice a week for at least a month or so, then you have by now created Dependency, and habit forming for that great new lover. So now you are known as the Lady who can always be counted on for a great cooked meal, a great giver, and the great compassionate protector and defender. And for you the guy, you are now known as the great protector, the taking care of all little things, the Make Me Feel Safe guy, the For Sure helper with the unexpected. 

And now you must remind them of just how valuable you really are to them, by Pulling Back. Because by now you have become a good drug, a Feel Good Person and a Blessing From God. So pull back and create a little bit of confusion, because of the phrase: Don't Know What You've Got Until It's Gone. And once he or she realized that this true new best friend might move on forever, this great protector may stop his or her duty, and this wonderful Go To Person may go to other people. Then this person is now forced to search their heart, their feelings, their needs and their care for you... Because you have been so wonderful. And that is when the realization will come that he or she Loves You. Because it's a world that you have built. And so now you have just attracted Love.  
How To Attract Love In 3 Easy Steps.

So you see, for how to attract love is very simple. And if you really think back to all the times you have fallen in love, you will quickly realize that you have been worked over in these  wonderful ways plenty of times. And in all reality, this is how you want to fall in love, and have others fall in love with you. Because life and love are made up of constant care, constant sun shining, constant watering, constant caring, constant doing for the other person. And you know this question already: What Have You Done For Me Lately?... Just Keep On Answering That, and you will attract love. But remember that all this is 90% effective, because there are some people that you will meet that are only Users and Locusts, they just consume and consume, and they take and take all they can get. So Beware And Use Your Discernment... Your Attraction Advocate 

Your Love Advocate 
How To Find Love Right Now...

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