Do You Know Where Are You Going To... In Love Or Out Of Love.

Do You Know Where Are You Going To... Is what you are left to ask yourself and even to your friends, because Love has you so confused and yet so badly in need of it. And you just don't seem to know where to turn, since each time that you think you have found love, it turns out to be the wrong love for you.And you have to ask yourself: Do you know where are you going to? Because you are getting older by the day, and none of your plans are coming to fruition, as well you are getting so sick and tired of Happiness eluding you. Well today I intend to explore with you where you are going in life, whether you are going In Love like you were meant to be, or Out Of Love like you never want to be without.

And really Fellow Romantic, why is Love so hard, and why does it mess up your life so much?And because of love you do not know whether you are coming or going, or whether you are up or down. And you have conquered all other areas of your life, and yet this one area of romance, of perfect union, of finding your soul mate, of being completely in love has you baffled. And you just want to get past this and find your other half, so you could go on and accomplish all that God has set out for you to do through Destiny. And you are a slave to Love because you are one of the few souls who fully understand that when you're in love, you could easily walk through the deep fires of stress and disasters and not blink. And you know as well that: One person could only do so much, but two people are all it takes to conquer the whole world. Also, one could put a thousand to flight and two could put ten thousand. Additionally, one person can see and fight what is in front of him or her, but two can stand back to back and fight off a whole army.

So you are on the right path of wanting and needing love, but why can't your Lover understand love the way you do? And why can't he or she join you on the journey and path that you are on, so you two could play beautiful music together? And on top of that, why are you so misunderstood when you have so much love inside you to give away? I help you to answer all these.

Your lover can not understand you and the love that is so full inside you, because He or she has their own journey to travel on. And they are not trying to hurt you, or disrespect you, or betray your love, but they have made their own plans with the Universe and have all kind of things they want to experience. And so you would have to sit them down time and time again, and explain the path of deep love you want to travel on, and ask them to join you. But the problem is, you usually expect them to automatically know how much and what kind of perfect love you want, just because they tell you: I Love You. No my friend you have to make your case of just how much you need them to help you in love at least weekly, and take nothing for granted.

As to why they can't join you so you two could play beautiful music together? When you are putting together a band to play at the Opera House at Carnegie Hall, you do not just grab the first person who comes along that can play the violin. No, you must interview quite a few people, then you must share your vision and you have to test them to see if they have that same vision. And then only pick the very best of the very best. But with Your Heart and Love, which are the 2 greatest possessions in the world, you just choose anyone who comes along because you are so lonely, or because you are so sexually aroused. And that is where the problem is, because you do not interview anybody, and then you do not test their vision of love to see if it matches your vision of love, and then you do not pick the very best of the very best for your heart and love. And this is why you two are on 2 different planets and can not play beautiful music together.

And then why You are so misunderstood?
Just take a look at our current President of this country, or any other Presidents for that matter, and you will see that they are all great Leaders. In that they make sure that every inch of what they want to accomplish is fully understood. And they don't ask why they are so misunderstood, but make it their very business to be understood by the whole Country at all times. And this is how come they get so many votes, and so many people to follow them. And so it must be with you, for you must always, by any means you can think of, make sure that you are understood as to who you are, the kind of perfect love you have in your heart, the great faithfulness that you have within your veins, and all the purity of a perfect wife or husband that you have inside you. So write a letter if you have, take out an Ad if you must, make a video if that's what it takes, send a telegram if you must but make sure that you are completely understood.

Do You Know Where Are You Going To... In Love Or Out Of Love?

Now that you know all the right steps to take, then that is entirely up to you. Because Love is completely unbiased, and it will give itself to whomever wants to use it to the full extent. But you have to be prepared to fight hard, you have to be determined, you have to persevere, and you have to never compromise in what you want Love to bring to you, so you could always know where you are going to, and that is definitely In Love.  Your Love Advocate, James Dazouloute

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