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Do You Have To Shop For The Best Only, And The Most Expensive All The Time?. Because I know that you have big eyes and a giant mind that both want 
How to save money when shopping always.. See

whatever they see that is elegant, stylish, up-to-date, and trendsetting. But the problem is that sometimes those eyes and brain of yours are much bigger than your wallet, and that is when you have to come back to Earth and start to think clearly once more. And really Beloved, when it comes to Shopping, I know that you must buy stuff that will always have you looking your best, and The Best within your circle. Because you of all people already know that you are a walking Billboard, as well your face, your body, and the clothes that you wear... Are all painting a picture for the people whom you encounter, talk to, interact with, and even make love to. So with all that, you must always shop for the best to look your best, but just how do you do that while saving as much money as possible? So Let's See:  
How to shop and save all the time.. See How:

Do You Have To Shop For The Best Only? Yes You Do, And First Way Of Doing It: Shop At Thrift Stores.
I can't tell you how many people shop at Thrift Stores for The Best things in life that they could never normally afford. And they have no shame, nor make any excuses for looking for great bargains at their local Thrift Stores. And the key to it is to go to those Thrift Stores that get items donated from upscale neighborhoods, and you will know just who they are because their merchandise will be in very good condition, their used furniture will still have plenty of life left, their dresses will be brand names, and even their toys will be expensive when they were new. So this is where you would go to find The Best, to shop for The Best within Your Best Budget. Also, check-in with the Manager and find out what days the truck comes in, and what days do they have 50% off everything. Because they are constantly getting stuff in, and so they must move the merchandise.  
How to shop and save all the time.. See How:

Another Way That You Can Shop For The Best Only: Clearance Sales At Upscale Stores.
In your area, you will always have different kind of Shopping Malls, and your job is to only go the ones in the Upscale neighborhoods. Because those will even have all the Very Expensive Brands, from the Big Guys that are only High End stores. And so after Christmas they will have Clearance Sales, after Summer they will have Clearance Sales, after certain big Holidays they will have Clearance Sales. And this is where you come in, this is where you can shop for The Best for when The Season comes back around and save a big bundle.  
How to shop and save all the time.. See How:

Another Place Not To Overlook While Shopping For The Best: Consignment Shops
These places take in inventory from their high end clients who just want to sell things, but don't want everybody and their Mama coming to their upscale neighborhood and expensive home. I know I never want people coming to my home, and that's why I even used them myself a few times. And so they contract with The Consignment Shops to do the selling for them, and they either share the sales, or the Seller will pay a flat fee. And this is where you come in, this is where you get to save on that very expensive item that you could never afford on your salary, but now The Rich is practically giving it away at a steal. So since you are a Shark, then you jump on the bargain and get all that you can get at The Best Price. So Go Get What You Need, And Still Shop Only For The Best, The Very Best That Is...
Your Shopping And Savings Advocate, James Dazouloute  
How to shop and save all the time.. See How:



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