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You already know Beloved that your Health And Wellness are the 2 most priceless treasures that you can ever have in this world and in as many as a a thousand lifetime. So it should be pointless 
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for me to try and motivate You, because it would like the Pastor preaching to the Choir. For you should know all about your health, all about your well being, and all about being free of sickness, pain and diseases. And so knowing all this, I still must ask You Beloved:
The Best... Does Your Health Really Deserve The Best Of You?

Because You have been saying for years now that You have Poor Health, as if "Health" is an entity who does her own thing, and decides for you whether to be rich and poor. Well Beloved, we all know that Health is You, your body, your mind, your activities and even your outlook at life. So when you say you have Poor Health, I have to wonder if that is not your choice, except of course if you were born with some hereditary issues. But besides that, your health deserve The Best that You have to offer every single minute of every single day, because with Your Perfect Health you can do anything - With Your Worst Health you are but a vegetable. So today I will share 3 of The Best reasons why your Health deserve your best.

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The Best... Does Your Health Really Deserve The Best Of You? One Reason It Does: So You Will Not Become A Slave Of Diseases.
And these bastards called Diseases are all out to get you every single day of your life, and even when they can't get you directly, they go after your friends and loved ones, because they know that you will either catch them (Disease) from your loved ones, or you will be affected mentally when you see just how much your loved ones are suffering. Also you must remember that Diseases affect you in destructive ways in your mind, your body, your emotions and even on the environment that is on the outside of your reach. So this is why you must give The Best that you possibly can to your health by taking great care of it, by exercising (This one is Top), by eating whatever you can find in a fresh state that God ordained you to eat, and then of course by always sleeping at least a full hours of sleep (And I don't mean you laying there reading and count that as part of 8 hours), and top it off with drinking clean water every chance you get.  
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Second Reason Your Health Deserve The Best From You: So That You Will Never Have To Live A Day Of Negativity.
When You have poor Health (As you put it) Beloved, then your mind does not work right. Your body betrays you by letting stuff ooze out of your cells - skin - and extremities. And not to forget that you tend to fall into a deep state of depression, and your mind, your energy and even your aura are all producing negative energies, to block the positive ones that The Universe is releasing every single hour of every day. And because by then you will have become your own worst enemy, then Negativity will join You and attach itself like a parasite to you, and then you are done for. Because once Negativity comes, it will bring all its friends, and you know them: Pain, Stress, Hallucinations, Fever, Feeling of Doom.... So this is another reason why Your Health deserve The Best from here on out, and you already know from the paragraph above what you must do. And don't forget to do a Cleansing once a week, because the Steak that you ate 5 years ago is still sitting in your Colon until you flush it out.

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The Best... Does Your Health Really Deserve The Best Of You? Yes It Does, So That You Won't Have Messed Up Genes To Pass Down.
And you see and hear about sad health stories all the time, and whether it is a Newborn Baby who is born as a crackhead, or a child with Sickle Cell, or a Young child with Cancer, or even a young one who has been snuffed out by Death due to a hereditary heart condition... They all will leave you with a feeling of loss. So You Beloved, must not become one of those who are contributing to the devastation of Humanity by not taking care of your health, and letting it deteriorate by either, heavy drinking of liquor, by doing destructive drugs, by refusing to stop smoking, by having all kinds of perverted sex that are destroying your cells with A.I.D.S. - Syphilis - Herpes, by stubbornly eating whatever you want - no matter how greasy and sugary, and so on, and so on... So Stop All That, before your granddaughter is addicted to alcohol, before your great grandson is a crackhead, before your third generation niece is obese to the extreme... Take Care Of Your Health Starting Today, And Give It The Best That You Have To Offer, And That You Know You Can Do... Your Health Advocate, James Dazouloute

See The Best Ways To Enjoy Good Health:


Your life is Your Health, and Your Health is Living. So however you choose to look at it, you have to have good health no matter what, so you can do all that you're set out to do in this life. But when it comes to Great Health, Personal Trainers are the guardians of its gates. And so for that reason, you must let them do what they do best, which is to guard your great health, to protect it, to fight for it, to strengthen it and to grow it. Also this is why starting today, you must find a Personal Trainer to help teach you about and motivate you to great health. All because you can't do it alone, and you were never meant to. Since as a child it was your Parents duty to begin helping you to learn about dieting and proper nutrition, as well make you understand the great importance of getting some exercise daily for your immune system to be operating at maximum effectiveness. But they failed because they loved you so much that they were willing to pamper you with sweets, with toys and with lots of foods. And then there were your Teachers in school, whose job was to educate and enlighten you about life, about your health, about history etc... But once again they have failed, since they themselves did not know too much about great health because they were suffering from high blood pressure, from heart attacks, from high cholesterol and from being obese... So as you can see Beloved, now that you are an Adult, it is up to you and your Personal Trainer to finally get this Health thing together. And so this is why today I am sharing with You 21 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Trainer:


1. Personal Trainers can be a partner who looks at you and help you to do all the movements perfectly so that  you can reach your health goals quicker.
How to get fit with a Personal Trainer.. See:

2. A Trainer will get you to go to places in your mind and in your strength that you never thought you would be able to, by helping you to do more Repetitions and lift way more weights than you ever thought you could.
21 Reasons You Need A Personal Trainer.. See

3. Your Personal Trainer will hold  you accountable, especially when you want to give up or go hang out with friends and skip the gym.
21 Reasons You Need A Personal Trainer.. See

4. Having a Trainer will always know what to do to keep on shocking your muscles, so you will never reach a plateau and stop growing.
21 Reasons You Need A Personal Trainer.. See

5. A Trainer will always write down your workouts, and help you to see for yourself what your progress is, even when you don't feel you are growing.
21 Reasons You Need A Personal Trainer.. See

6. A Professional Trainer will always be a Model for you, so you can see what the human body is capable of and all the great transformation it can undergo. 

7. Your Personal Trainer will always want to be around you at your worst, because he or she will always know just what to do and say to get you to begin looking and feeling your best.  
21 Reasons You Need A Personal Trainer.. See

8. Your Trainer will always keep a watchful eye on what you eat, drink and how much you sleep. Because these activities are vital to your great health. 

9. A Great Trainer will always know just how to motivate you, no matter what kind of bad day you're having.
21 Reasons You Need A Personal Trainer.. See

10. Your Trainer will always be able to design a plan that fits your body type perfectly, so that you can easily reach your goal.

11. With a Trainer you will always get faster results, because he or she will help you to do "Target Exercises" that will attack the very stubborn and fat body parts that have become your worst enemies.
21 Reasons You Need A Personal Trainer.. See

12. A Personal Trainer will never give up on you, and will do their best to help you get going and accomplish your health goals.

13. A Trainer will have a bag full of tricks when it comes to all different kind of exercises you can do to stay motivated and never get bored.

14. A Certified Personal Trainer has been fully trained in all aspects of the body and nutrition, and so he or she can fully help you to understand your body and how to reach your goals
21 Reasons You Need A Personal Trainer.. See

15. Your Trainer can also help you with meals that match your health goals, even if you have a low budget. Because he or she knows what foods, expensive or cheap, have just what you need to meet your daily caloric needs.

16. A Great Trainer will always challenge you to reach the next level and then you will see that you always look your best. 

17. When you have a Personal Trainer, your every move on an exercise machine will be watched. And so there is virtually no chance that you can get hurt or waste your time doing the wrong exercise. 
21 Reasons You Need A Personal Trainer.. See

18. Your Personal Trainer will teach you discipline and commitments, and let's face it, so far you have not had enough of the two, and this is why your body is looking so bad.

19. A Trainer will rub off on you, because he or she drinks, speaks, thinks and do all healthy things. And so you too will soon adopt this lifestyle. 
21 Reasons You Need A Personal Trainer.. See

20. With Your Personal Trainer you will learn valuable knowledge about your human body that will last you the rest of your life.

21. Your Trainer will help you to work out, and teach you all about being healthy in every aspect of your life. So that when you are away from the Gym, you will always find a way and a place to train, as well easily find ways to keep on eating healthy.
21 Reasons You Need A Personal Trainer.. See

Well there you have it Beloved, the top 21 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Trainer. And now it is up to you to contact Me to become your Personal Trainer, or find one locally so you can finally take hold of your great health, so you can finally begin to create the Masterpiece your body was meant to be, and get used to eating proper nutritious meals that your body has been craving for so long. So don't delay, start right now. Your Health Advocate, James Dazouloute. Copyrighted Writings...
21 Reasons You Need A Personal Trainer.. See



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