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Charity and Philanthropy go hand in hand Beloved, because they both come from the same place, the heart. And never the mind, because what moves you to help someone is not logic, especially when that person can not do
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 anything for you or give you anything in return at that moment. And because as a human being, you know that you are part of the whole of humanity, and if one perishes, then the whole become so much weaker, then you are obligated to contribute to the destitute, to help the down and out, to deliver the troubled, to prosper the underprivileged, and to guide the young. And by doing that you are living within your purpose, which is to use your gift from The Creator to bless others, to use your share of the resources to support those who have gotten less or who have made a mistake and lost theirs. And since there is no new resource being created every day, there is no new source of food being magically created, or a new source of water, or a new source of gold, or even a new earth, then all that we have down here, are meant to be shared, then recycled and made to use again, and then share again. Think about it!!!  
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There is only so much gold in the earth and we are digging up all we can. There are only so many trees and since we are cutting so many down and not replacing them, we will soon run out. There is only so much fresh water, and since we are polluting what we have available through our waste disposal, our pollution in the air, then we will soon run out. There is only so much food source, and now that we are polluting the earth, and big businesses are introducing heavily concentrated chemicals that are polluting the food source and killing us slowly, then we will soon run out and we will soon die out. But in the meantime, until The Creator intervenes, you and I have a duty to do our part to bring awareness to the uneducated who are destroying everything good, to deliver the weak and the destitute by giving to them the so much needed help. And we also have a duty to hold accountable those who have disconnected with humanity and have short term vision, by only wanting to fill their pockets and desperately trying to fill the big hole in their heart that will never be satisfied for material things. And in their desperation, they became selfish, destructive and gluttons, thereby blocking the blessings of many, destroying so many lives, ruining the planet and killing slowly the whole of humanity.


And so Charity and Philanthropy play a vital role, because those 2 come along as one, and they begin to rebuild the lives of many, begin to contribute to solving the problems face by many. Charity and Philanthropy also begin to deliver so many who are locked into a vicious cycle of never having enough to eat, never having any opportunity to become more, and always falling short of having the much needed resources to survive. So for all these reasons and more, are why I give Charity, and donate to charitable organizations, also perform philanthropic acts toward many. Because no matter how much I do, the need will continue to exist until The Creator intervenes, but by doing my part of giving charity, showing compassion, loving the un-loved, protecting the weak, delivering the trapped, comforting the brokenhearted, teaching unknown truths to many, motivating the discouraged, elevating the down and out, and pulling up those who are at the very bottom... Then I am securing the future of mankind, all the while building an eternal legacy that even God The Creator will be forced to recognize and appreciate by handing me a crown. Won't you join me in giving charity, in being philanthropic and in donating to these charitable organizations? Your Charity Advocate, James Dazouloute  
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Here Is A Partial List Of Charitable Organizations That I Have Donated To So That My Giving Can Be Multiplied A HundredFold... Join Us:

  1.  - Helps a blind child to see
  2. - Feeds hungry people
  3. - Helps reservation Indians
  4. - Meets unique needs of women
  5. - Eternal world television network
  6. - Brings food to elderly Russian Jews
  7. - Working to end poverty and injustice
  8. - Working to stop Diabetes
  9. - Helps veterans of the Vietnam war
  10. - Reaches the world through God's word.
  11. - Works to feed the orphans.
  12. - Reaches the urban youth
  13. - Teaches the Bible.
  14. - Provides blind people with trained dogs.
  15. - Helps disabled American veterans.
  16. - Provides disability services and education.
  17. - Builds houses for the poor.
  18. – Helps healthy living with Alzheimer 's.
  19. - Cares for children
  20. Helps children smile through operations.
  21. - Gives medical supplies to the needy.
  22. Provides home for healing families.
  23. - Provides meals to the poor.
  24. - Prevents the cruelty of animals.
  25. - Helps the blind to read.
  26. - Helps children with clubfoot.
  27. - Atlanta community food bank.
  28. - St. Labre Indian school – Native Americans.
  29. - Helps children who are horribly burned.
  30. - Feeds hungry children.
  31. - Provides help for the poor.
  32. - Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
  33. - Children 's Healthcare Of Atlanta.
  34. - Children 's hunger relief fund.
  35. - Provides emergency help to all.
  36. - Provides Cancer research.
  37. - The Arthritis Foundation.
  38. - National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People.
  39. - John Hagee Ministries – Mission works.
  40. - Invest in safe motherhood and childbirth.
  41. - Parkinson Disease Foundation.
  42. - Provides braille books and magazines for the blind.
  43. - Helps suffering children and families.
  44.   -  children’s charity dedicated to providing a solution for at-risk children inChicago, Illinois
  45. - Provides medical operations for the poor.

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