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12 Areas Of News That Will Affect Your Life Daily: 

1. News About Self Improvement And Personal Development:

--- A List Of Historical Events That Happened Every Year 

--- Japanese people believe that individual interests should be given priority over the interests of the entire public

--- Why You Shouldn't Trust Anything You See On Television 

--- This is the surprising reason your pen caps have holes in them 

2. News About Belief And Spiritual Lifestyle:
--- Why Silence is So Good For the Brain 

--- Swedish Soldier Saves Christian Woman From Rape By Muslims, Then Gets Fired For Facebook Post

--- Hate Speech From The Koran Allows Muslims To Kill Without A Conscience

3. News About Your Legal Rights:

--- Colorado House of Representatives passes bill dropping use of 'illegal alien'  

--- States Seceding.. What Will You Do After This Prediction Come True. 

4. News About Your Health And Wellness:

--- Zika Virus And What You Need To Know 

--- British professor of nutrition who had sounded the alarm on Deadly Sugar back in 1972, was ridiculed and then ruined until he died.
--- NASA employee (Douglas.e.rowland@nasa.gov) admits that LITHIUM (A pharmaceutical drug most often used to treat people with manic depression or bi-polar disorder) is being sprayed in the atmosphere

--- Shocking News: States Making Mothers Sterile 

--- The Never-Ending War Against Vitamin C

--- The Healing Power Of Barley Grass  

--- 13 Beverages You Should Never, Ever Drink  

--- This man can run 350 miles without stopping? 

 Man who can run 350 miles... See

5. News About Romance And Relationships:
--- 8 Ways Society Feminizing Men With Food, Products    

--- Moment man shames ex by giving her screenshots of her 'cheating' for Valentine's Day 

--- How Sex Dolls Can Cause More Sexual Problems Than They Solve  

--- Japanese Men Choose Sex Dolls Over Real Women

--- Chemotherapy Could Cause Cancer To Spread Even Worse? - I Thought It Was Suppose To Help?

--- Green Veggies Linked To Better Grades For Children

--- Diet Soda Triples Stroke & Dementia
Compared To Normal Colas

--- Milk Causes Diarrhea, Bloating, IBS & Krohn's

6. News About Money And Investing: 
--- Panama Papers And The Hidden Monies - See
Panama Papers And The Hidden Monies - See

--- 'Nobody likes being around poor people': Said Billionaire casino owner Steve Wynn

--- Wells Fargo Bank - Mortgage Lender - "Admits Deceiving" U.S. Government, Pays Record $1.2 Billion Settlement

--- Shocking News, Flight Attendant Has Cocaine To Sell 

-- Why The Future Of Work Is At Home     

why-the-future-of-work-is-at-home... See

7. News About Animals:
--- If You See One Of These Things On The Beach, Keep Your Dog As Far Away As Possible.   
 Things that could kill your dog on the Beach... See

8. News About Giving And Charity:

9. News About Mother Earth And Living Green:

10. News To Help Your Shopping And Savings:

11. News About Disasters And Survival:
--- United States - One-third of Iraqis believe the US supports ISIS 

--- CIA Operations lead to the Spread of Chaos in the World  

--- 45 Day Storm Turned CA Into 300 Mile Long Sea

--- Warning - Are You Being Targeted For Euthanasia?  

--- US Playing A Dangerous Game With Nuclear Waste

--- Dumping Tritium From Fukushima Into Pacific 

12. News About Poetry And Arts:
--- British actor Kenny Baker who played 'Star Wars' R2-D2, dies 

British actor Kenny Baker who played 'Star Wars' R2-D2, dies




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