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James Dazouloute  Is A Certified: Life Coach, Spiritual Coach, Health Coach, And Business Coach. Also A Certified Practitioner Of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  

At His Site, YOU WILL BE HELPED In These 12 Main Areas Of Life: 

1. Personal Development
2. Spiritual Life
3. Love Relationships - 
4. Health And Wellness
5. Business Explosion
6. Legal Situations – 
7. Animal And Pet Issues
8. Philanthropy And Charity
9. Living Green
10. Disaster Survival
11. Shopping And Saving – 
12. Poetry And Arts –                                                                             . 

Where he writes about his experiences in the 12 main areas of life, his observation of others in those situations, and his curious research in those areas, along with his Higher Self always guiding him on what to write about.  

Additionally, He Is A National Leader, Educator, Author, Poet, Counselor And Activist. He has been involved with helping families for almost 2 Decades with all their Life-Events Situation, Working To Fight Injustice, Ignorance And Poverty In All Forms. Especially Poverty Of The Mind, In Not Being Enlightened. 

Also, he Is A Serial Entrepreneur, He Loves Business, Self Development And Have Had A Life-Long Fascination With Spirituality And Technology.  His Mission Is To Empower Individuals And Families Not To Be Living In Lack Of Anything, But To Truly Empower Them To Become Legally Aware, Uphold Human Rights And Dignities, As Well As being Prosperous In ALL Areas.

Additionally, he zeroes in on each aspect of these 12 main areas of life, as a lion stalking its prey and then write about them in such a casual and easy to read manner that any  8th. Grade student can easily comprehend and connect with . All due to his one big goal: High level education of the masses and baby understanding by them. He is also the Author of several Great Best Selling Books And E-books.

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Http://www.JamesDazouloute.net/ All About Your Life And Helping You To Become In Every Area. - JamesDazouloute.Net is a source for knowledge and motivation along with the right positive actions that must be taken in the 12 main areas of life. Some Critics have called ""JamesDazouloute.Net"" The ultimate place for complete self improvement, knowledge base and success in life.

On Why He Blogs:
Blogging has greatly opened up a platform for knowledge and truth to be passed on to the masses in a super efficient way. And this has impacted me in a way to step up and help others in a way like never before. Also, I blog for the purpose of pure and simple enlightenment. So quality knowledge is so badly needed to overcome the stench of silliness and ranting.

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