Why Do Celebrities Dress Down To Be Like Regular People?

By James Dazouloute --- Celebrities are always on the job, then why don't they dress  for it? Because when you ,the reader, are going to work you wear your proper work uniform or
Why Do Celebrities Dress Down To Be Like Regular People? SEE Article:

you wear your professional suit with make up, or if you're a male going to work you wear your suit and shave clean. So why do Celebrities go out of their house and not wear any make up? They must not understand that as Celebrities you are like the President of a country, soon as you step outside your home, you are in public view and in the eyes of the public, because that is a job that goes on 24 hours a day as soon as you step foot outside your home and the gates. Then why don't these Super Stars remember that? Don't they know what a Star's job is?
Why Do Celebrities Dress Down To Be Like Regular People? SEE Article:


Why Do Celebrities Want To Be Left Alone? 

How Celebrities Or Super Stars Should Dress.. After all, aren't Stars suppose to shine bright and be seen by everyone?

Because when you look in the Heavens at night and see Stars, they are suspended on high in the sky for all to see, they are shining as bright as could be for anyone and everyone, and they are shining as powerfully as can be in order to reach out to as many places, galaxies, planets, black holes as possible. And so when human beings proudly and arrogantly take the name "Stars" or "Super Stars", then they have to be willing to perform the job. Just like when the President becomes elected and accept the position in January, he can not say I am only working 4 hours a day and willing to take pictures only then, and steps out of the white house and goes shopping, or goes play golf, or goes on vacation. Nope, he or she can not do that, because he is on duty at all times as the President. And so are Celebrities or Super Stars who willingly wanted to be famous, wanted to be rich, to be popular. 
Why Do Celebrities Dress Down To Be Like Regular People? SEE Article:

And what I don't understand is that the Celebrities love the limelight, they love taking pictures, they love to be popular on all the social networks, they even love to have reality shows showing their supposed private lives at home.. So again, why go outside of your home without dressing like a Princess or without wearing any makeup? Well Maybe You Can Help Answer That My Friend
Why Do Celebrities Dress Down To Be Like Regular People? SEE Article:

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