Open Letter To The Creator N Sustainer Of All Life

By James Dazouloute --- Oh Awesome Life Force who is good and evil, who is found inside all things and all beings in all the universes, in all the
Open Letter To The Creator N Sustainer Of All Life
underverses and multiverses, why have you allowed so many to call themselves "Gods" and then they in turn cause so many beings to be destroyed?

Why oh Holy Spirit, Creator and Sustainer of all life, whom without your life-force no gods of the bible, no gods of the quran, no gods of hinduism, scientology... can ever stay alive eternally, do you stay silent when so many of my brothers and sisters are suffering, are dying while being misguided to hate and kill each other? 
Open Letter To The Creator N Sustainer Of All Life

Oh Eternal Life-Force (Holy Spirit) who created the atoms, the molecules, the particles and allow them to vibrate constantly to create forms, mass and physical bodies, why do you allow all your creations who came forth from your big bang to live eternally? Is it because all gods, all aliens, all animals, all things, all known and unknown beings along with all things created are all your children, and therefore you allow them to make mistakes?

I ask oh Great Holy Spirit who is under a rock when I lift it, who is inside a grain of sand, who is part of the trees, who is inside human beings, who is also found inside all the gods thereby allow them all to know you, because it seems that you allow so many to take credit for your awesome power by calling themselves "Thee God" and misguide so many of your young children. Why?
Open Letter To The Creator N Sustainer Of All Life

Why do you tolerate the annunaki, the pleiadian gods, the lizard gods, the gray aliens, the yahweh gods, the jehovah gods, the allah gods, the arcturian aliens... to all misguide us humans? Why, since we too have your life force inside us, for we too are little gods and little holy spirits, for we too are capable of speaking things into creation, for we too are eternal godly beings? Oh Why Dearest Benefactor and Malovelant life force do you have 2 sides to you, and why do you allow all beings to use your power for good or for evil?

I have so many questions, but unable to find the answers of truth. Especially since you are the life force who is inside me and who vibrates my atoms and molecules to allow me to maintain this physical form, but I do not know you as my Creator. For I do not know your true purpose, nor do I know why you have placed yourself within me and what I must do with your immense power that you have shared with me.  I AM SO CONFUSED!!!

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And so this open letter is to reach out to you oh Perfect Creator Of All, to give the answers to me and my brothers along with my sisters on earth, inside the earth, under the earth, in the universes, in the multiverses, in the underverses, in the other planets, in the black holes, in the galaxies, in the parallel dimensions, in the elevated dimensions that we need to know. For It Is Said That All That We Need To Know About The Life-Force-God, Is Always Inside Us. And so can the atoms and molecules speak to us, and if so can the fake gods of all the religions understand you? Or are they too just living this eternal life for billions of years just doing their best with their little understanding? For they are all scared of you and even in their writings, they all tell us humans that we can say whatever bad things we want about the father-god or the son-god or the allah-gods, that all will be forgiven, but if we say anything evil about the Holy Spirit, then on judgment day, those words will not, can not be forgiven

But in my smallness, I do understand that as above so below. I also understand that all parents are the same, and in that sense you have countless children all over everywhere. And so each child or god or alien or spirit is at a different age, and each one is learning at it goes along. And because of this, many mistakes will be made and it is the parents' job to guide those children, to teach them, to allow them to make mistakes, to protect them from self-destruction and from destruction of the young ones by the older ones even. And to also love all the children eternally and unconditionally no matter what they do, think, speak and create. So Creator Life Force, Please Forgive The Older Gods, The Alien Gods For Their Mistakes And Hate In Doing Their Best To Destroy All The Younger Gods (Humanity).

Now I do know that you do not owe myself or the fake gods anything. For you create us all and share yourself with us for your purpose only. And whether we human gods, or annunaki gods, or yahweh god, or allah god, or brahma gods or other gods understand why we are really here or not, your plans will still come forth. And so I plead with you to give all your little gods in all the universes the truth about you so that the little gods who have only been around for a few million years, can stop destroying humanity, or can stop causing humanity to destroy itself by manipulation using hate, self - hate, violence, abuse, genocides, or even by judgment from the fake gods. PLEASE HELP OH CREATOR-SOURCE, TRUE LIFE FORCE AND SUSTAINER OF ALL GODS, THINGS AND SPIRITS.
Open Letter To The Creator N Sustainer Of All Life


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  1. Anonymous4:01 AM

    This is a powerful letter to god my friend. Many will hate you for exposing their god as not being thee god. Joshua

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    community. Your web site offered us with valuable information to work on. You have done a formidable job and our entire community will be thankful to you.


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