Why You Must Always Be Ready For Anything

By James Dazouloute --- Mortal Combat, is a great culture started by the video game back in the 1990's. And back then there was great fury by all the 
Why You Must Always Be Ready For Anything.. SEE

parents of the world, because they all thought that this video game was way too violent for their children, since it was the very first time that such violence had been displayed. And of course afterward, all the other video game companies jumped on the bandwagon, and that is when all video games that are extremely popular became extremely violent as well, and made a ton of money. But in reality, Mortal Combat has been taking place by all Warriors ever since time started and Man wanted more territory for himself, as well as all the possessions of his brother, and so he engaged in Mortal Combat as an Aggressor or a Conqueror.  
Why You Must Always Be Ready For Anything.. SEE

And nowadays, while you are walking down the street, a criminal who is deranged can violently assault you with a deadly weapon, and you may have to engage in Mortal Combat, just so you could survive and be there to take care of your family. Or your Country may decide to be the aggressor and conqueror of all other people, and now call upon you to engage in Mortal Combat under the pretext of Patriotism. As well, you may be an Athlete of the Martial Arts, and want to engage in Mortal Combat as a competitive Sport, because you want the Honor and the Fame that comes along with being the Best of the Best. And so you fight to the death, or you fight for submission of the enemy to your will, or you fight in order to reach the next level in the Martial Arts. But for whatever reason that Mortal Combat comes your way, you must be ready for it physically, mentally and opportunistically.  
Why You Must Always Be Ready For Anything.. SEE

So for Mortal Combat that you engage in, and for you to find success, then you must train your body to become a lethal weapon. You must grow physically stronger with each work out, and you must make your body submit to pain. Because your nerve and pain sensors must become accustomed to pain, just like a Boxer or a Karate Fighter, since if you are not use to being hit, then your brain will make your body very afraid the first time that you get hit. Also, in order to become great at Mortal Combat, you must exercise your breathing and master it's discipline, since if you can not breathe then you will never be able to fight. And that is because if you throw one punch and you're tired, then you can not fight.

Additionally, you must have good Footing in order to be great at Mortal Combat. Since if you get taken off your feet, then you have lost all advantages and you are now only a defender. But when you can control your footing and stand, then you can fight, you can punch, you can kick, you can jump and you can even run if you have to retreat to fight another day. So learn to build up your legs, your thighs and your feet, so that you can stand and face your enemy. --- But One Quick Tip About Life:
Stop, stop running your mouth so much, because you never know what the other person can do or if he or she is at the end of their rope that day. And yet, all you are trying to do is just show off by running your mouth, by yelling as loud as you can, by cussing as nasty as you can, by threatening that person the best you can, all in the hopes that will all intimidate the other person. And this usually happen with little females or small tiny men, they never remain calm, but always trying to prove they are tough. And yet big strong people always remain calm, don't do a lot of cussing, yelling or bitch-acting, they just want to knock you out or choke you out. And so which one are you? But, what happens when the other person is not scared of you, and start to come at you to choke you, to kill you, to shoot you, to stab you and to even destroy your whole blood line??? What Will You Do Then Beloved? Because a Real Killer always look shy, always stay quiet, always beg you to please stop and will kill you and your entire family with no remorse, no anger and no emotions.

Now for the Mental aspect of Mortal Combat. You must always be in the mindset to Survive and Overcome any obstacles that life or your enemy may throw at you. And you must also be 100% about fighting, whenever it has been brought to you, in other words, if you must put hands on somebody, either go all out, or don't do anything at all. Just look at the Boxers, the Shaolin Monks, the Kickboxers, and you will see that when they fight, they go all out. All the while being in great physical shape, all the while controlling their breathing, and mastering their footing. Also their frame of mind is impeccable, as they simply refuse to lose. So Become The Best At Mortal Combat, And Then You Will Always Be Ready For Anything... --- 
Why You Must Always Be Ready For Anything.. SEE Article


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