Why Do Black People Always Play Who Is The Better Slave?

By James Dazouloute --- I don't really know exactly when all this "Heart Of Servitude" thing started, but this has got to stop with black people living their

entire lives wanting, needing and even begging to be slaves, servants and house niggas. I mean you see it all around you daily Beloved don't you? When you go to the store: Who is gladly sweeping the floor? Who is gladly taking groceries to your car, and who is gladly greeting you at the door? Negroes. Or when you go to the Airport: Who is driving you there? Who is helping you with your bags? Who is sweeping the floor, cleaning the windows, pushing the old lady on the wheel chair or even cleaning the toilets on the Airplanes? Negroes. Or just a take a minute to think: Who is your garbageman, who is your security guard at your gates, who is cleaning houses, who is cutting grasses, who is fixing your food at McDonald, who is working in all the warehouses, in all the fast food joints, in all schools as custodians and who is doing all the menial jobs on this planet? Black People, and they love it. They fight each other for those jobs and they even brag about who is the better servant, or worker or house nigga? 

So Again I Ask You: Why Do Black People Always Play Who Is The Better Slave? And is it all because of Slavery? You tell me why black people love to be slaves / servants. And to expand further, think about being in Church, when black people as slaves were forced by white people to abandon their faith, their beliefs and their communion and friendship with African gods, just so they could start to worship white people gods who condone slavery, who condone stealing other people lands, who condone murder, incest, wickedness etc... And now let that percolate for about 200 years and now black people have taken over the worship of these white gods from white people even. Because now they fight each other, and even brag about who is the better slave in Church, who has the better heart of servitude and who loves to be used up by the christian gods the most? And you even hear it in their songs like
"Going up in yonder" or "Take me to the king" or "I give myself away"... But why do we love slavery and servitude so much? 

I mean we refuse to give it up, even when we have a chance to go to college and become a trained professional, we then transfer from a lowly servant house nigga to an uppity house nigga, always willing to do whatever it takes to fit in, to please any other groups except ourselves. And it is so bad that black people even hate each other, can't stand to see each other doing well, nor they even want to to do business with one another. Why? Because deep down inside, we love to be slaves, we love to serve and we can't get enough of being house niggas who are always hungry to become just like Massa, to have what Massa have, and we even feel pain when Massa is sick by asking: What's the matter Massa, we sick? 

And Malcolm X tried his very best to warn us about this love of wanting to always be the better slave, and tried to tell us what to do to change things inside us, but we wouldn't listen. And even now with this writing, I know that 99 Percent of us will not listen, because we will just excuse it and say that things are hard for us, or that's just the way things are, or we are just doing our part to get to heaven. Even It Is All Lies??? WOW! But what say you Beloved, Why Do Black People Always Want To Play Who Is The Better Slave? 

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