The Way We Were My Love... A Poem

By James Dazouloute --- The way my heart always used to sing to the tune of love every time you were seating near me as we drove and talked, 
The Way We Were My Love... A Poem -- SEE It Now:

it will never again sing nor be happy again without you my sweet and perfect love (Who was made perfect just for me and my needs)... For the way we were was perfect love incarnate, that only you and I could feel and understand.

Yes my little love, yes my sweet petite baby, the way we were was always an example for others to fall in love. The way our honesty with one another was beyond reproach as we did our best to make sure our souls stay connected, could never again be shared with any other for the rest of our lives. Yes the way you treated me while making love, and the way I gave all of myself to you while laying in each other's arms, will never be the same without you. Oh the ways we were in bed!
The Way We Were My Love... A Poem -- SEE It Now:

The way your tiny hands always fit perfectly within my giant ones, the way your lips used to find their ways toward my magnetized ones, the way your hair used to flow freely and begging for me to caress it used to make me feel so empowered in love. And the way my desires burned for you every moment I spent with you that I had to have you five times each day was always a pleasure.

Oh how I remember the way we used to be, the way we would talk all night cuddling in the bed, the way we would make plans for our life together and for our children, the way we would pass the lazy times in each other's arms just kissing and massaging each other and just being kind to one another, and the way we would never allow each other to be away from one another for more than a few - always made me realize just how much I love you my sweet angel. Because that's the way we were... 
The Way We Were My Love... A Poem -- SEE It Now:

And that's the way I was taught by you to love you every day, and that's the way you always made me feel amazing and empowered. And that's also the way you allowed me to be myself, and I permitted you to be the perfect soul mate you could ever be. And that is definitely the way I always spent time in prayer thanking God - The Holy Spirit for you, for your arrival in my life and for the great love you were teaching me to enjoy and sharing with me. Oh My God, The Way We Were Was Incredible!

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Oh my amazing love, what happened? Where did we go wrong? Were we just dreaming as young lovers always do? Or did we allow Life and all its ups and downs to change us, to transform us into monsters who are just running after money? Or did we allow the miseries, the unexpected troubles, the deaths in our family, the disappointments of our dreams not coming true for us to become separated and now strangers? Why My Love, Why My Sweetheart And Why Do We Have Now To Only Live By The Memories That Are Left Behind? Why, And Where Did We Go Wrong?

Oh my love, the way we were was our destiny. The way we were was for lovemaking to never end. The way we were my sweetheart was for joy to feel our hearts and minds. The way we were was to have our kids learn that True Love was possible still. The way we were was so perfect just for us and only for us, because we understood each other. Oh yes my better half, the way we were was for us to be invincible lovers who could always walk through fire and not get burned. And the ways that we were, we still can be today my baby.... For it is our destiny and all we have to do is remember who we were, who we are still and who we are supposed to become together, if only we would give up the crazy lifestyle of the matrix that is fooling us and come home to one another free of all the bad habits. Oh The Way We Were My Love, And The Awesome Way We Could Still Be...
The Way We Were My Love... A Poem -- SEE It Now:

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The Way We Were My Love... A Poem -- SEE It Now:


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  1. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Amazing poem! Thanks James.

    1. My pleasure to help others feel what I feel

  2. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Beautiful love poem.

    1. Thank you very much for the encouragement


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