My Forever Valentine.. A Love Poem

By James Dazouloute --- Happy Valentine! Yes Happy Valentine to you my love, is not only a wish that I speak, but a declaration of my deep eternal love for you.
My Forever Valentine.. A Love Poem... SEE

 And a commitment for me to know your perfect and precious love that is beyond compare. As well, a statute that I must observe in that, I must never take you for granted.

It has been said that: Women give sex, in order to get love. And Men give love, in order to get sex. But I say: I give to you because you are the very essence of me, I give to you because you give my love shape – definition – purpose and joy. I love you my teddy bear.

To be your valentine is my order of the day, my aspiration of the hour and my breath that I must inhale every second. For you make me into who I am, as you infiltrate my soul and complement my heart. 
My Forever Valentine.. A Love Poem... SEE

On this day of Saint Valentine, I gladly thank him for having allowed himself to be known as Mr. Love. But I am afraid that now war is at hand, for I must take that away from him since I am in extreme need to have you name me “ Mr. Love, Your Mr. Love. “

There is no other like you, there is no love like yours, there is no greater orgasm than to hold your hand and stare at the sunset daily. And there is definitely no life without seeing you standing near me, ready to walk inside the fiery heart of love with me.

I am with my valentine today, and the legion of angels who are assigned to serve and protect me, have all been given the day off, as I pleasure my beloved. Over and over again, and then once more.
My Forever Valentine.. A Love Poem... SEE

You are my valentine as was prophesied, and you are my gift of valentine per the spiritual contract with God. And you are my food from Saint Valentine to be savored. I love you my precious.

To be or not to be, is never a question to be asked of my valentine. For I know for sure that you are the greatest wings that have ever lifted a being, and transport this spirit into the Eden of perfect love. And amazingly, you do this daily without any expectations. Then how can I not say: Happy Valentine to you my one and all?.
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If you see me walking into the forest, if you see me moving into the concrete jungle, and if you see me levitating into the city of God; then know that I am only going home to my valentine as expected.

Love is scared of me, because she does not want me to push her to new heights so I can multiply her, and then as a gift – offering, deliver her into the bosom of my precious better -  half. But I give a direct order to this great being of old, that she must give herself to me to use to increase the size of my baby's heart, or she will be compromised. All because I so want to be your special valentine. 
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My Forever Valentine.. A Love Poem... SEE

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