The Way We Were My Love... A Poem

By James Dazouloute --- The way my heart always used to sing to the tune of love every time you were seating near me as we drove and talked, 
The Way We Were My Love... A Poem -- SEE It Now:

it will never again sing nor be happy again without you my sweet and perfect love (Who was made perfect just for me and my needs)... For the way we were was perfect love incarnate, that only you and I could feel and understand.

Yes my little love, yes my sweet petite baby, the way we were was always an example for others to fall in love. The way our honesty with one another was beyond reproach as we did our best to make sure our souls stay connected, could never again be shared with any other for the rest of our lives. Yes the way you treated me while making love, and the way I gave all of myself to you while laying in each other's arms, will never be the same without you. Oh the ways we were in bed!
The Way We Were My Love... A Poem -- SEE It Now:

The way your tiny hands always fit perfectly within my giant ones, the way your lips used to find their ways toward my magnetized ones, the way your hair used to flow freely and begging for me to caress it used to make me feel so empowered in love. And the way my desires burned for you every moment I spent with you that I had to have you five times each day was always a pleasure.

Oh how I remember the way we used to be, the way we would talk all night cuddling in the bed, the way we would make plans for our life together and for our children, the way we would pass the lazy times in each other's arms just kissing and massaging each other and just being kind to one another, and the way we would never allow each other to be away from one another for more than a few - always made me realize just how much I love you my sweet angel. Because that's the way we were... 
The Way We Were My Love... A Poem -- SEE It Now:

And that's the way I was taught by you to love you every day, and that's the way you always made me feel amazing and empowered. And that's also the way you allowed me to be myself, and I permitted you to be the perfect soul mate you could ever be. And that is definitely the way I always spent time in prayer thanking God - The Holy Spirit for you, for your arrival in my life and for the great love you were teaching me to enjoy and sharing with me. Oh My God, The Way We Were Was Incredible!

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Oh my amazing love, what happened? Where did we go wrong? Were we just dreaming as young lovers always do? Or did we allow Life and all its ups and downs to change us, to transform us into monsters who are just running after money? Or did we allow the miseries, the unexpected troubles, the deaths in our family, the disappointments of our dreams not coming true for us to become separated and now strangers? Why My Love, Why My Sweetheart And Why Do We Have Now To Only Live By The Memories That Are Left Behind? Why, And Where Did We Go Wrong?

Oh my love, the way we were was our destiny. The way we were was for lovemaking to never end. The way we were my sweetheart was for joy to feel our hearts and minds. The way we were was to have our kids learn that True Love was possible still. The way we were was so perfect just for us and only for us, because we understood each other. Oh yes my better half, the way we were was for us to be invincible lovers who could always walk through fire and not get burned. And the ways that we were, we still can be today my baby.... For it is our destiny and all we have to do is remember who we were, who we are still and who we are supposed to become together, if only we would give up the crazy lifestyle of the matrix that is fooling us and come home to one another free of all the bad habits. Oh The Way We Were My Love, And The Awesome Way We Could Still Be...
The Way We Were My Love... A Poem -- SEE It Now:

WATCH VIDEO: Barbara Streisand Sings.. The Way We Were:
The Way We Were My Love... A Poem -- SEE It Now:


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Why You Must Always Be Ready For Anything

By James Dazouloute --- Mortal Combat, is a great culture started by the video game back in the 1990's. And back then there was great fury by all the 
Why You Must Always Be Ready For Anything.. SEE

parents of the world, because they all thought that this video game was way too violent for their children, since it was the very first time that such violence had been displayed. And of course afterward, all the other video game companies jumped on the bandwagon, and that is when all video games that are extremely popular became extremely violent as well, and made a ton of money. But in reality, Mortal Combat has been taking place by all Warriors ever since time started and Man wanted more territory for himself, as well as all the possessions of his brother, and so he engaged in Mortal Combat as an Aggressor or a Conqueror.  
Why You Must Always Be Ready For Anything.. SEE

And nowadays, while you are walking down the street, a criminal who is deranged can violently assault you with a deadly weapon, and you may have to engage in Mortal Combat, just so you could survive and be there to take care of your family. Or your Country may decide to be the aggressor and conqueror of all other people, and now call upon you to engage in Mortal Combat under the pretext of Patriotism. As well, you may be an Athlete of the Martial Arts, and want to engage in Mortal Combat as a competitive Sport, because you want the Honor and the Fame that comes along with being the Best of the Best. And so you fight to the death, or you fight for submission of the enemy to your will, or you fight in order to reach the next level in the Martial Arts. But for whatever reason that Mortal Combat comes your way, you must be ready for it physically, mentally and opportunistically.  
Why You Must Always Be Ready For Anything.. SEE

So for Mortal Combat that you engage in, and for you to find success, then you must train your body to become a lethal weapon. You must grow physically stronger with each work out, and you must make your body submit to pain. Because your nerve and pain sensors must become accustomed to pain, just like a Boxer or a Karate Fighter, since if you are not use to being hit, then your brain will make your body very afraid the first time that you get hit. Also, in order to become great at Mortal Combat, you must exercise your breathing and master it's discipline, since if you can not breathe then you will never be able to fight. And that is because if you throw one punch and you're tired, then you can not fight.

Additionally, you must have good Footing in order to be great at Mortal Combat. Since if you get taken off your feet, then you have lost all advantages and you are now only a defender. But when you can control your footing and stand, then you can fight, you can punch, you can kick, you can jump and you can even run if you have to retreat to fight another day. So learn to build up your legs, your thighs and your feet, so that you can stand and face your enemy. --- But One Quick Tip About Life:
Stop, stop running your mouth so much, because you never know what the other person can do or if he or she is at the end of their rope that day. And yet, all you are trying to do is just show off by running your mouth, by yelling as loud as you can, by cussing as nasty as you can, by threatening that person the best you can, all in the hopes that will all intimidate the other person. And this usually happen with little females or small tiny men, they never remain calm, but always trying to prove they are tough. And yet big strong people always remain calm, don't do a lot of cussing, yelling or bitch-acting, they just want to knock you out or choke you out. And so which one are you? But, what happens when the other person is not scared of you, and start to come at you to choke you, to kill you, to shoot you, to stab you and to even destroy your whole blood line??? What Will You Do Then Beloved? Because a Real Killer always look shy, always stay quiet, always beg you to please stop and will kill you and your entire family with no remorse, no anger and no emotions.

Now for the Mental aspect of Mortal Combat. You must always be in the mindset to Survive and Overcome any obstacles that life or your enemy may throw at you. And you must also be 100% about fighting, whenever it has been brought to you, in other words, if you must put hands on somebody, either go all out, or don't do anything at all. Just look at the Boxers, the Shaolin Monks, the Kickboxers, and you will see that when they fight, they go all out. All the while being in great physical shape, all the while controlling their breathing, and mastering their footing. Also their frame of mind is impeccable, as they simply refuse to lose. So Become The Best At Mortal Combat, And Then You Will Always Be Ready For Anything... --- 
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Why Should The Universe Send You Your Soulmate When..?

By James Dazouloute --- Where Is My Love? But What Will He Or She Get From You? Because you have been asking for your Sweetheart, and even Your True Soul Mate, Or 
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Your own Adam Or Eve, for so - so long that it is now getting to be pathetic. So you need to ask yourself: What Kind Of Lover Am I? Before you can truly ask where is my love... And that is because, if you can think back to ever since you started dating, or started getting engaged, or even started with your first and second marriage; You have been the same person when you gave away your first kiss, up until that final lover you have kissed.

So what I mean by the kind of lover you are, is that you have had the same habits ever since you can remember, and when you think about it, you have not improved permanently on any level or any area of your life. And Sure, you have changed every time you met a new Sweetheart, but that change was just a Peep Show because it only lasted for 2 to 4 weeks, and then you have returned to your old self. And without me talking condescending to You, you already know just how you are. And that means you are moody, you are self-sabotaging, you are selfish, you are greedy, you are flirtatious, you are always hungry for new eye candy walking down the street. 
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And let's not forget about your personal hygiene, you have a knack for letting yourself go as if you have fallen into a trance. And on top of that, you have a bad temper and a filthy mouth, because you always have something to prove, and even when the other person is sorry, you always had to make him or her feel your wrath. And you are definitely a Know It All. So where is my love, you ask? He or She is at the same place where you left that wonderful person the last time, when you were trampling on him or her, when you were on top of your world and felt like you were God's Gift to that person, when you would cuss at your sweetheart just for being late for 5 minutes or even trying to cook you something that you didn't like.

Where Is My Love? Well after all this, The Universe and God are no longer listening to that question of yours. Because every time your heart has cried, and God has had pity on you, and caused you to bump into that wonderful new love of your life, then you would do what you had always done. Never truly opening up your heart, because you live in the fallacy that all Men are liars and Players, or all Women are Whores and Gold Diggers. And so you put on a show, and already planning on how to use that person for your own Vanity. And now you dare to ask: Where Is My Love?
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Now what you should ask Beloved is: What Will That Person Get When They Get Me? Because you have to be a great catch, you have to be the compassionate person, you have to be the wonderful helper, you have to be the great caretaker, you have to be the one who is willing to take a chance in love, you have to be the protector of hearts, you have to be the hero that this new Lover would never expect, you have to be a giver of love, you have to be willing to truly improve on your weaknesses and maintain what you are great at, you have to become unselfish, you have to love unconditionally, you have to be willing to make love all the time, you have to create a positive aura or energy to attract the kind of love who was meant for you.
What My Heart Didn't Know About Romance --- Book By James Dazouloute -- Get More Info:

Where Is My Love? Not far from you, not far from where you work, not far from where you live, not far from your dreams, not far from the next party you attend, not far from the Church you attend, not far from the music festival at the park, not far from from the shopping mall, not far from you opening up your heart, and definitely not far from you taking the first step and take a chance to ask someone to honor you with a Date
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Why Do Black People Always Play Who Is The Better Slave?

By James Dazouloute --- I don't really know exactly when all this "Heart Of Servitude" thing started, but this has got to stop with black people living their

entire lives wanting, needing and even begging to be slaves, servants and house niggas. I mean you see it all around you daily Beloved don't you? When you go to the store: Who is gladly sweeping the floor? Who is gladly taking groceries to your car, and who is gladly greeting you at the door? Negroes. Or when you go to the Airport: Who is driving you there? Who is helping you with your bags? Who is sweeping the floor, cleaning the windows, pushing the old lady on the wheel chair or even cleaning the toilets on the Airplanes? Negroes. Or just a take a minute to think: Who is your garbageman, who is your security guard at your gates, who is cleaning houses, who is cutting grasses, who is fixing your food at McDonald, who is working in all the warehouses, in all the fast food joints, in all schools as custodians and who is doing all the menial jobs on this planet? Black People, and they love it. They fight each other for those jobs and they even brag about who is the better servant, or worker or house nigga? 

So Again I Ask You: Why Do Black People Always Play Who Is The Better Slave? And is it all because of Slavery? You tell me why black people love to be slaves / servants. And to expand further, think about being in Church, when black people as slaves were forced by white people to abandon their faith, their beliefs and their communion and friendship with African gods, just so they could start to worship white people gods who condone slavery, who condone stealing other people lands, who condone murder, incest, wickedness etc... And now let that percolate for about 200 years and now black people have taken over the worship of these white gods from white people even. Because now they fight each other, and even brag about who is the better slave in Church, who has the better heart of servitude and who loves to be used up by the christian gods the most? And you even hear it in their songs like
"Going up in yonder" or "Take me to the king" or "I give myself away"... But why do we love slavery and servitude so much? 

I mean we refuse to give it up, even when we have a chance to go to college and become a trained professional, we then transfer from a lowly servant house nigga to an uppity house nigga, always willing to do whatever it takes to fit in, to please any other groups except ourselves. And it is so bad that black people even hate each other, can't stand to see each other doing well, nor they even want to to do business with one another. Why? Because deep down inside, we love to be slaves, we love to serve and we can't get enough of being house niggas who are always hungry to become just like Massa, to have what Massa have, and we even feel pain when Massa is sick by asking: What's the matter Massa, we sick? 

And Malcolm X tried his very best to warn us about this love of wanting to always be the better slave, and tried to tell us what to do to change things inside us, but we wouldn't listen. And even now with this writing, I know that 99 Percent of us will not listen, because we will just excuse it and say that things are hard for us, or that's just the way things are, or we are just doing our part to get to heaven. Even It Is All Lies??? WOW! But what say you Beloved, Why Do Black People Always Want To Play Who Is The Better Slave? 

From Mother Earth To You - A Dying Plea

By James Dazouloute --- I Give Myself Away, says Mother Earth,  so You can live. I give all that I have away to you so you could grow selfishly rich, and  
From Mother Earth To You -  A Dying Plea... SEE:

your children  can go on intoxicating me with pollutants. And yet I still give myself away so your food could grow, so you can have a wonderful body with the extra makeup. I Love You So Much that I hurt inside, and I mean that literally since your brothers have been taking all my oil for my skin, all my coals for my liver, all my natural gas for my body to have good circulation. But I don't mind, because I gladly give myself away through this love poem so you can have all that you want. 
From Mother Earth To You -  A Dying Plea... SEE:

I am Mother Earth, and I bore you all, from your great-great-great-great Granddaddy, all the way down past you, to your 40th. Generation. And I give no matter what, I give no matter how much you murder your brothers and force me to drink their blood, starting with Cain and Abel in this age. And so I still give to help you to have life, I still help you to fill that deep hole in your heart, and let you have as much Gold and Silver as you want, as much Water as you want, and as much food as you have room to contain... All the while your little brothers in Africa and Haiti are starving badly. 
From Mother Earth To You -  A Dying Plea... SEE:

I give, I give and I give to You so that all life can continue, because I am mandated to do so by our Creator God. I am amazingly in love with You, and no matter how much You have hurt me, I refuse to give up. And even though your Uncle Sun and your Auntie Moon want me to deal with you and punish you for your disrespectful ways, I gladly tell them you are very young and have yet to step into Your True Self. And so I await for you to grow up, I patiently open up my arms so that you could always know that you can come home. 
 Mother Earth And Me... Are All We Need To Be Saved.  Book By James Dazouloute --- Get More Info. Right Now:

I Give Myself Away, because You are my baby, you are the love of my life, and you are my pride and joy. And so I give myself away completely to serve you, to feed you, to protect you and to develop you. Yes I am Your Mother Earth who loves you so much, and the fruits that I bear are for you to live on, the herbs that I grow out of my skin are for you to heal your wounds, and the trees that I grow are for you to have fresh oxygen to breathe. And I even allow you to rip out my guts, and even though you are killing me daily and monstrously, just like you did with Jesus Christ, I still love you no matter what. And I still repeat to The Father God, like Christ did: Father Forgive Them, For They Do Not Know What They Do.  
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