How To Make Dreams Come True Today

By James Dazouloute --- Dream Come True.. This Is What You Make Happen As A Philanthropist. Since You of all people already know that: 
How To Make Dreams Come True Today

The True Tragedy Of Death Is Not Death Itself, But That Which Die Within Us: Our Dreams, Our Love, Our Passion, Our Aspirations, Our Desires To Bless Others, Our Need To Do Something Immortal.. And so as a Philanthropist, You, Yes You, make all these things happen for everyone, and by doing for them, then you are making all your dreams come true as well. And so to make dreams come true, help others to get something to eat, deliver them out of chaos, protect them from abuse, help them get a piece of bread, provide an education for them, help an organization get its footing. All because You have joined God and begin to Co-Create by making dreams come true. 
How To Make Dreams Come True Today

And when I say Dream Come True, you may think that this sounds like too much for you and that you don't have all the resources available to make any kind of dream come true. But I must tell you Beloved, that All Things In Life Are Seeds. And if you go back to Genesis, the first book in the Bible, then you would see that when God Created the Earth, He placed all seeds of plants, seeds of herbs, seeds of fruit trees, seeds of grass... Just so they could grow and He can make Dreams Come True for Us. And when He wanted to Create Mankind and make His dream come true, then He created a pair of seed, Adam and Eve, and from there His Dream for Humanity came true.  

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And so it is with You as a Philanthropist. You my friend are a Dream Maker, you can feed a little child, and help provide an education for him or her, then that little child who was just a seed, can grow up and become The Leader Of A Nation, and Father of many children and then begin to create a true Blood Line, like the Kennedys', the Rockefellers'... And so are you beginning to see just how You can make dream come true? And how as a Philanthropist just how badly needed your contribution is?
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And so you can make dreams come true, with just the little bit that you have now. Because all that is required is just the little dollar you have left over from paying your bills, or the little extra canned foods that are sitting in your cabinet that you won't even eat, or that great book you have just read that someone who fell into an addiction is waiting to read from you as a gift to be delivered, or the little old clothes that are not fitting you anymore... Only your imagination and your Big Heart are your limit. And so you must constantly live out your dream, by making others dreams come true, and only then you will begin to see that every one's dream can come true.  
How To Make Dreams Come True Today



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