How To Deal With Any Disaster You Created In Your Life

By James Dazouloute --- My Disaster! How To Deal With The Mess? Because believe it or not, not all Disasters are from Mother Nature or Man Made by wars and 
How To Deal With Any Disaster You Created In Your Life

scientific experiments. Since everyday, there are Disasters that happen in people lives because they have created them. Such as, the person who is careless with Money, and overspend every chance they get, then sooner than later, they run out of money and now face Bankruptcy. Or you have the person who refuses to be cautious and respectful in their love-relationship, and so they take wild chances in being behind closed doors with all they are attracted to, and then they end up cheating. And soon after their divorce turns into a Disaster, because their former spouse is now bent on Vengeance and takes everything. Or you have a problem handling your liquor, and you love to drink and drive, and then one day your luck runs out and The Police stops you, then all of a sudden you are in jail, your license is suspended, you car is impounded, your insurance has doubled, and your job fires you for being in jail. Well now you have another Disaster. So Here Is How To Deal With The Mess (Disaster), You Have Created: 
How To Deal With Any Disaster You Created In Your Life

My Disaster: First, You Must Accept Responsibility For Your Mistakes.
To Be Responsible is the first step toward Greatness, and overcoming all Disasters. Because being that way, you will be able to begin to reconcile all things, and make them whole again, from the deep disorder and chaos you have contributed to. And once you accept responsibility, then you can stop playing victim.. And your mind can begin to bring out the Genius in you, and you can quickly see your way out of this situation. 
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Another way to handle Your Disaster: Do Not Expect For People To Forgive You Quickly, And For Things To Be Instantly Made Right..
Because whatever mess you made, has started a Domino Effect. As well, it has affected many other people, sometimes all the way down to your third generation. So, you must have patience, and begin to reverse the cycle. Just like when you were spending a lot of money... It was not spent in one day. It took you years to keep on charging, and to keep on accumulating. And so now, you will not be debt free in one day, even if you file for Bankruptcy, that will take a few months. So be patient with yourself, with others and with your situation.. Then My Disaster, will quickly turn into My Success....  
How To Deal With Any Disaster You Created In Your Life

EXTRA TIPS On How To Deal With Any Disaster You Created In Your Life:

Clear your head if needed.

Keep a gratitude journal.

Admit it before anyone knows about the mistake.

Apologize Sincerely.

Know that all good things come to an end—and bad things do too!

Reverse the mistake if possible.

Move quickly into problem solving.

Remind yourself that you are a good person who does a lot of good in the world.

Avoid the urge to dwell on the mistake.


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