How To Give To Everybody And Be A Legend

By James Dazouloute --- How To Give To One And All? Is a great question to ask Beloved, because it shows that You are ready to enrich the Universe, as well as
How To Give To Everybody And Be A Legend
 bless beyond measure the lives of your Brothers and Sisters. Also you wonder about how to give, because there always seems to be a confusion about how to be the most effective giver, which Organization should you give to - since they supposedly are able to multiply what you give, and affect more people than you ever could. Also there is the issue of how to give to the poor, to the homeless, to the needy, to the single parent... And all because there are so many needs in the world, yet seemingly very little resource available. And I say Seemingly Very Little Resource, all because there are those Humans who have become so greedy that they hoard as much of the Planet's resources as possible, and then many Countries and their powerful, join in. And that leaves a great Void, where a few have a lot, and many have little. 

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But for You, and for How To Give? Give To One And All In Every Avenue Possible. And I know that this sounds very simple, as well it should be, because Life is simple, but Mankind through ignorance and lack of wisdom, find ways to make Life hard for themselves. But for You Beloved, you keep life simple, and when it comes to how to give, the simple thing is to give to one and all and within every avenue. Now Allow Me To Elaborate. 
How To Give To Everybody And Be A Legend

When it comes to Giving, it is all about the Heart and from the Heart. In other words, to give anyone anything, all that is required is a heart of compassion. And once you have that, then you will give to a child who needs a little ice cream, you will reach out to a homeless person and give him or her a helping hand, you will join an organization and give the little that you have so they can put that with all the other little monies, and multiply their services to the needy. So from what I just said, and for How To Give, all it takes is for you to reach out to anyone in need at anytime, and in any area of life. Also Important, start to give where You are right now, and don't wait until you are rich, because what you have now was placed in your life to enrich you from seeds to full harvest. So do not hold on to the Penny that you have to spare, use it as a seed in someone life and within the Universe, then you will sure be wealthy soon, when Harvest comes in the form of unexpected blessings, unexpected opportunities, and other people inexplicably wanting to give to you and helping you. 
How To Give To Everybody And Be A Legend

Also when it comes to how to give, you must not give judgmentally. Because then you are not giving, but attempting to manipulate others through your will power, through your erroneous beliefs, and through your lack of understanding of the true causes of all issues at hand. And since You are not God, and can not fully SEE where each penny you give will fully go, and what it will accomplish as a a seed, then a great harvest.... then you should not give with bias or prejudice. Also, because you are not God, you will never fully understand what someone is going through, or how they got there, and what is the reason for it, as well as the destination of their journey. And so this is why I tell You that you must give without being judgmental, or having bias or prejudice. Then You Will Proceed To Give Perfectly. So For How To Give... Just Give To One And All In Every Avenue Possible, And At Anytime, From The Heart... 



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