How To Enjoy Nascar Racing Today

Nascar Racing... Here Is What You Need To Know. Because you have seen and heard all about the great excitement when it comes to racing cars, especially at very fast speeds up to 250 MPH.
How To Enjoy Nascar Racing Today... SEE:
  As well you see these drivers strapped in those race cars, and at times you'll see them crash into each other and see those cars flip over and over again, and over... Yet the driver of those race cars just get up and walk away, and this leaves you speechless. Also not to forget, you know that Nascar Racing is big business, and companies spend millions just to advertise on them, the TV stations make a killing whenever they broadcast those races, and the owners of those sports cars spend and rake in millions of dollars. But what exactly is Nascar Racing, and just how did it all get started, and what do all those laps mean on the race track?.... So today, I share with you all the basics about Nascar Racing:

Nascar Racing ( The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing ) Has Its roots going back to Prohibition when runners—people who delivered moonshine, a home-brewed whiskey distilled from corn, potatoes or anything that would ferment—souped up their cars so they could give the slip to the federal tax agents determined to bust them (think Dukes of Hazzard), according to David “Turbo” Thompson, an associate professor at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa, who has also raced stock cars. “Runners built their reputations by outsmarting and outdriving the law,” he says. For bragging rights, he adds, they held informal races to determine which runner was fastest.   
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There was a meeting between car owners and mechanics at the art-deco style Streamline Hotel in Daytona Beach, Fla., on December 14, 1947, to establish standard rules for racing. There and then the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (Nascar) was conceived. Two months later, on February 15, 1948, the first official Nascar race was held on the beach in Daytona. Red Byron won it in his Ford. A week later, Nascar was incorporated, and Big Bill appointed as its fearless leader.

The National Association for stock car auto racing (NASCAR) ran it's first official race on June 19 1949 at Charlotte North Carolina fairgrounds. In front of a crowd of 23,000 fans. Jim Roper won the race and the $2,000 purse, driving a Lincoln Cosmopolitan. The next 4 finishers were, Fonty Flock who took second, Red Byron finished third, Sam Rice finished fourth, and Tim Flock finished fifth. Other well known drivers in the race including Lee Petty, Curtis Turner, and Buck Baker.  
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The first two Daytona 500 races were not 500 miles. The race didn't become 500 miles until 1961. The first race in 1959 was won by Lee Petty, Richard Petty's father. The race winner was originally said to be Johnny Beauchamp. After reviewing the film and photos for 3 days, the winner was declared to be Lee Petty. The photo finish camera at the time was at track level, 3 cars were side by side at the finish line which made it hard to determine the winner.

By the late 1960s most of the auto manufacturers were producing the most powerful engines they could produce and still legally race. Smaller and smaller horsepower gains were becoming increasingly expensive to obtain. So the manufacturers turned their attention to a new frontier -- aerodynamics. It was the beginning of the "aero wars," a great competition between auto manufacturers to produce the most aerodynamic car in the sport. The main competitors were Chrysler and Ford, who both claimed to have come out on top when the dust settled [source: Aero Warriors]. Eventually, France stepped in to introduce an engine-size limit, and many drivers switched back to the classic stock builds.

With a green light from highly-supportive fans, NASCAR's premier division took the lead in worldwide motor sports attendance in 1976 with more than 1.4 million spectators in the stands. Television soon followed, and the 1979 Daytona 500 becoming the first 500-mile race in history to be telecast live in its entirety. Corporate sponsorships soon followed, with Fortune 500 companies sponsoring the events, individual races and teams as well. Not bad for something that remains a family-owned business.  
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===NASCAR posts a speed limit on pit row. But since race cars don't have speedometers...before the race the pace car drives pit row at the speed limit. Drivers following note their tachometer readings so they have a feel for the speed limit

===The length of a race track is measured along a line 15 feet inside the outer wall

===While today the Daytona 500 is the first race of every season, that tradition didn't start until 1982. A Winston Cup car gets about five miles a gallon during a race; hits 60 mph in 3.5 seconds; holds three times as much oil as a passenger car; generates nearly 700 horsepower; costs $75,000 - $100,000. Winston Cup cars must start the race wit the same set of tires used in qualifying. NASCAR stores the tires from the ten quickest cars until shortly before the race to make sure teams don't qualify on special "soft" tires, which run faster.

The first race won with tubeless tires was the Southeastern 500 at Bristol on May 2, 1965. Junior Johnson was the driver. The youngest car owner in NASCAR records was Mamie Reynolds, 19 of Asheville, NC. Driver Fred Lorenzen won for her on her fourth start, September 13, 1962. 

NASCAR's leading drivers boycotted the first race at Talladega on September 14, 1969 because the track was newly-paved and rough. It was so hard on tires that Firestone refused to provide rubber. Goodyear did so reluctantly. The last top-level NASCAR race run on dirt was at the North Carolina State Fairground in Raleigh, NC, September 20, 1970. Richard Petty won the 100 mile event.
NASCAR's first All-Star race was staged at Daytona on February 19, 1961. It was called the "American Challenge Cup" race. NASCAR sponsored its first road race June 13, 1954, at Linden (NJ) Airport. Al Keller won, driving a Jaguar sponsored by famed bandleader Paul Whiteman  
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