How To Be Victorious Today

By James Dazouloute --- VICTORY TODAY! It is yours, no matter what Disaster you are facing, and no matter the unexpected setback that you are forced to deal with.
How To Be Victorious Today- SEE How
  Yes Victory is yours to make the best of things, to turn things around and start attacking life. Because this is your day to become the AGGRESSOR, this is your moment to make "Life" the victim of your circumstances, and this is why you have to get into this great mindset of "No Defeat".

Why, You Ask Beloved? Because the Holy Spirit who is the Creator Of All Life, the Creator of all Gods and of all beings known and unknown, also empowers You Beloved, since you are a little god as well - whose make up is of the same as the Holy Spirit. And therefore, you too have the power to co-create each day. And by that power, every single word you speak, every thought - energy you allow to come forth, and every action you take is empowered to bear fruit, good or bad. Think about it, as you sow you shall reap, why is that? Because every single little thing you get involved in, the Holy Spirit, The Source, the Life Force empowers you in all. And so if you speak negativity, it will all come to you. If you take steps toward success, it will run to you. And if you speak love, kindness, favor, grace, protection, financial blessings, understanding..... The Holy Spirit or the Life Force will provide. 
How To Be Victorious Today- SEE How

And think about it Beloved, why do all the gods always include the Holy Spirit in all their doings? Because as they keep you as their slaves to worship them and count on them to do every single little thing for you, it is the power of the Holy Spirit or the Life Force that they all use to make things happen in your life. But remember, you too are made of that same cosmic dust, you also have the Holy Spirit inside you, you as well possess the same nuclear atom and molecules inside as they do. But instead of you taking authority and speak to that mountain to move out of your way by having full faith in the power of The Source who also empowers you as a little god and allows to co-create the universe daily, you gladly count on other beings to do it for you. And for that they suck up your energy, they bask in your worship, they feed off your begging prayers, because they are 6th. Dimensional beings and for them that is the way they eat and get full, and not with meat and fruits like you do. But, this is not for the baby in milk spiritually, this is for the more mature spiritual person who understands that each day is a blank canvass placed in front of him or her by The Source, and that he or she can create that day whatever he or she thinks about, speaks on or take actions toward.  
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SO VICTORY TODAY? Absolutely! And you must have it at your feet. And you must be victorious no matter what. Because this Disaster today is not the one to bring you down. This bad situation that has been thrown into your lap, is The Best Opportunity, for you to become the Hero. Not only in your own life, but all those around you who have been affected by this, and need a Savior like you, to fight for them and save them. So live with the mindset that: You Are Victorious. Live with the frame of mind that: You Are No Victim. You Are The Head and not the tail. You are the Aggressor and not the weak. You are the Genius and not the dummy.... Victory Today. 
How To Be Victorious Today- SEE How

How To Be Victorious Today- SEE How


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