How I Miss You My Love. A Poem

By James Dazouloute --- How I Miss You My Love, for no matter how many minutes have gone by, or days or months, they all feel like an eternity without you my sweetheart.
How I Miss You My Love. A Poem... SEE
  And worst than that, there has been a rip within the universe, there has been a super tear in my soul and within the fibers of my heart for my Baby is not with me, for my love is not in my arms, for my Angel is not within my embrace, for my Partner is not in my presence to share with me, for my Best Friend is not holding my hands, for... for... and so on and so on....

All I know to say, all I know to think about, all I Know to yell is how I miss you my Love, how I miss your smile, how I miss your joy, how I miss your sharing, how I miss your friendship, how I miss your passion, how I miss your perfect presence.. And amazingly it has only been just a little while. Oh how I miss the love of my life! how I miss my little Romantic Family, how I miss the little things, how I miss the opportunities for something great to happen. 
How I Miss You My Love. A Poem... SEE

Oh God! Oh Love! Oh My Love! Why have you all forsaken me? Why are you all leaving me in the abyss, and am I the only one who is loyal and left to remember? And why am I the only one opening up my heart? And why am I the only one who wants to share all that I have? And why am I left holding the bag as the Leader?   
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I miss love, I miss companionship, I miss caressing, I miss sharing, I miss relaxing, I miss pillow talks, I miss planning for the future, I miss the missing, I miss the phone calls, I miss the wonders of the heart, I miss the amazing secrets, I miss the butterflies in the stomach, I miss the pure energy of love, I miss You... And You? 
How I Miss You My Love. A Poem... SEE

Oh if only the minutes and the hours would not pass so slow! Then I could run to you and exclaim my love for you, then I could love you all over again, then I could bless you with my heart, then I could re-dedicate and renew the vows of our love, then I could hold hands with you once more, then I could make love to you, then I could take you to heaven, then I could whisper sweet nothings in your ears, then I could... then I could... Because I Miss You My Love.... 
How I Miss You My Love. A Poem... SEE


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